Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police

Missing Document Complaint Letter Samples,  Police Complaint Letter to Report Theft And Loss, Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police : If you recently lost your item or had it stolen and you want to lodge in a complain to Police but you are having difficulty on how to put it in writing, then you are […]

Sample Demand Letter for Unpaid Wages

Contacting your employer about unpaid wages because every worker deserves his/her wages after job done: An unpaid wages demand letter is written and submitted to an employer that owes an employee for past wages. The unpaid wages can be about an alleged underpayment of salary, annual leave, long service leave, working in any payment (after […]

Sample Of Petition Letter Against A Person

Multiple Examples of Petition Letter against a Person in Your Community, County, and Or Nation That You Want to See Changed: A petition letter is written to a person in authority or the head of an organization, requesting immediate action or a solution for a certain cause. There are a few things you may need […]

Complaint Letter Sample Against A Person

A complaint letter against a person to a superior or someone in higher level of authority is aimed to address an issue of concern in an organization. The letter hopefully increases the quality productivity of the organization when the issue is addressed and resolved. Do you have an urgent complaint against a person and you […]

Response Letter To Discrimination Complaint

Employer’s Response To Discrimination Claim Sample: Discrimination affects people’s opportunities, their well-being, and their sense of agency. When an employer/human resource personnel receives a complaint letter about discrimination he/she is expected to respond promptly and do something right away to stop the inappropriate behaviour in a work environment. Looking for employer’s response to discrimination complaint […]

Age Discrimination Complaint Letter Sample

Discrimination At Work Complaint Sample Letter Templates: People should be able to work as long as they can, as long they are physically and mentally able to do so. There are some employers who think differently and even though it is illegal may discriminate against employees based on their age. The discrimination may be in […]

Sample Warning Letter For Physical Assault

Warning Letter For Beating/Hitting A Student At School, Sample Warning Letter For Physical Assault: Assault is sometimes defined as deliberate actions to harm someone i.e. when a person uses physical violence and causes injury to another person’s body. Often times, a written warning comes after verbal warnings if the person/employee doesn’t improve. The employer/head of […]

Gender Discrimination At Work Complaint Letter

Sample Gender Discrimination Complaint Letter Against Employer: Discrimination in general affects one mentally, emotionally and physically. Therefore, no one should be subjected to discrimination whether at work, school or locality. A workplace gender discrimination comes in many different forms but generally it means that an employee or a job applicant is treated differently or less […]

Sample Letter For Police Protection

Police Protection Request Letter Format, Sample Letter Requesting Police Security at an Event, Letter Demanding Police Protection During Strike: These basic format of request letter for police security assistance at your personal (informal) event can be modified and adapted for your personal use. Request For Police Protection Date: ____________________ Reference No. : ____________________ To : […]

Samples Of Bullying Complaint Letter

Cyber Bullying Complaint Letter, School Bullying Complaint Letter Examples: Often times, children get bullied in schools, on social media or their surrounding neigbourhood. People who were bullied can attest that it affected either their self-esteem, psychology or even lead to depression. If a child is being bullied in school, his or her parents should write […]

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