Respond To Smoke Free Violation Complaint

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Sample Respond Letter To Smoking Complaints And Violations: Violating company smoke-free policy | state smoke-free policy | tenancy agreement smoke-free policy inside their unit and common areas may warrant a penalty. It is helpful to plan for enforcement of a smoke-free policy when your building first starts considering the policy change. The goal is to work with residents to achieve compliance and set an expectation of responsibility and respect for having a healthier and safer smoke-free living environment for all residents. Also, most companies have its code of conduct which monitors employee behaviour on a day to day basis.

Should you flout any of this conducts, you will be queried by your superior and many people do not know how to respond to smoke free violation complaint. Below is an example Letter of Response to an Allegation of Violation of Smoke Free Environment format that you can start with. Preferably, you can refer to the date the query was given to you, give the reasons for your misconduct, and promise never to repeat your actions in the future.

Sample Letter of Response to an Allegation of Violation of the State Smoke Free Workplace Law.

____________________ [Insert date]
____________________ [Writer’s Name]
____________________ [Title]

RE: Report Number:
Investigation Number:

Dear _________________,

This letter is in response to your communication dated __________[insert date of letter] alleging violations of the Smoke Free Workplace Law. The anonymous complainant alleged the following violation: __________[insert type of violation].

I wanted to inform you that I reviewed this complaint thoroughly. Given that the complaint does not disclose the name of the individual smoking in the prohibited area, it is very difficult for us to follow up with her/him directly.

Please know that the [insert unit name] is in full compliance with the requirement to display nonsmoking signs. Attached for your review are photos of the various signs at entrances and exits where the signs are displayed.

Also attached for your review is a communication sent to all faculty, staff, and students at [insert unit name] reminding them of the following requirements:

Tobacco use, including smoking, is prohibited anywhere on campus effective __________ [enter date in full].

― State law prohibits smoking inside buildings.
― State law requires that smoke not enter buildings from the outside.
― Smoking is prohibited under outside overhangs (e.g. covered loading docks, covered porches or entryways, etc.) and within 25 feet of all doors, windows that open, and air intakes.
― Faculty, staff, students, and visitors/vendors/contractors must discontinue smoking when asked to do so in locations where smoking is prohibited by state law.

I verified that ashtrays are not available in any location where smoking is prohibited by state law including loading docks, entrances, or inside buildings.

These steps were taken by the unit as required by law. I hope that this communication is responsive to the questions raised by your office. Please contact me if you have further concerns regarding this matter. I can be reached at [insert area code and phone number].

Unit leader
Unit name
C: File

N/B: Smoke-free policy does not mean that people who smoke must quit or move out. It simply means that they need to go outside to smoke.

Respond To Smoke Free Violation Complaint