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Engineering, space, Architecture, IEEE, Electronics, Mechanics, Meteorology

Schools & Education

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Education, Research, Studies, Library, Degrees.

Information Technology

Information Technology, Internet/Web, Telecommunications, Unix Commands, Computing & Computer Science, Hardware, Assembly, Databases, DOS Commands, Drivers, File Extensions, Java, Networking, Security, Software, Telecom, Microsoft, ASCII, Blogs, Chat, Domain Names, Emoticons, HTTP, MIME, Twitter, Wannas, Websites e.g xpp, ABSN

Business & Finance

Banks, Stock Markets, Products, Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Real Estate, Shipping, Companies, Firms, International Business, Mortgage, NASDAQ Symbols, NYSE Symbols, Occupations & Positions, Professional Organizations, Tax, Currencies e.g b2f, b4e

Pop Culture

Newsgroups, People, Pop Culture, Online Gaming, Amateur Radio, Famous e.g YJNDKRDS


Arabic, Dutch, German, Greek, Guatemalan, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Mexican, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, African, Alaska, Australian, Canadian, Cities, Countries, Chess, Clothes, Coins, Construction, Days, Farming, Food, Funnies, Gaming, Hobbies, Months, Plastics, Sci-Fi, Unit Measures, Journal Abbreviations


Law Practices, Binding Agreements, Justice System.


Politics, Party, Election


Investigation, Police

Government & Military

Local, National And International Governments, Military, Defence, Defence Industry, Weapons Systems, FBI, FDA, Military, NASA, Police, State & Local, Suppliers, Transportation, UN, US Gov e.g A-Gangaadb , ddxx , b&b


Religious Believes, Church, Christianity, Muslim, Seminary, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Buddhism, Islam, Manichaeism, Mithraism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism

Health & Medicine

MedicineWell Being, British Medicine, Dental, Drugs, Hospitals, Prescription, Veterinary, Human Genome, Laboratory, Medical Physics, Neurology, Nursing, Oncology, Physiology e.g ABHS , dccv


Media, Museums, Music, Film Censorship, Photography,

Internet Slang

Slang, SMS, Chat, Instant Messaging, Texting e.g b&bYOGOWYPI


Sports, Baseball, Race, Championship, Football, Tennis. e.g AFFRBTT


Airport Codes, Airlines, Passenger Jets, Helicopter, Timeline of Aviation, ‎Civil Aviation, Portal Aviation, ‎Commercial Aviation e.g b&b , VAAC, WAAM, CARE


Local, National, International Organizations, Groups, Non-Profits, NGos, Unions. e.g bapoc


General Science, Popular Science, Hard Science, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry, Ocean Science, Mathematics, Forensic. e,g dpppe