Prayers For A New Month

Happy New Month Prayer Messages: A new day is an opportunity to hope for a better tomorrow and a new month is an opportunity to start everything new with full of energy.  We have all crossed over to the new month and it seems you are happy, but have you ever thought about your friends, […]

Simple Prayers To Allah

Prayer (salah; plural salawat) is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is believed that communication with Allah will bring life to the prayerful and bring them courage. Muslims believe that Allah speaks to us through the Qur’an, and salah is our means of connecting to Allah. We have compiled simple prayer words to […]

Opening Prayers For Meetings

Prayer is a way of having a conversation with God your maker. So praying at the beginning of a meeting is a great way of reminding ourselves that God is with us, that He is at the centre of everything we do, and that the reason we are alive is to love and worship Him. […]

Closing Prayers For Meetings

Benedictions and closing prayers are often said by the end of a gathering. It is a way to acknowledge that God is with us and a wonderful way to end a meeting. Praying after a meeting, bible study, small group, church service, or any type of gathering is essential as we depart to our various […]

Powerful Morning Prayers to Start Your Day With God

Start Your Day With a Grateful Heart With These Powerful Morning Prayers: The mood with which we begin the day tends to colour our entire day. Morning Prayer to begin each day aligns our heart and mind in thanksgiving, humility, and love for God! We live in an uncertain world. Watch and hear bad news […]

Birthday Prayers For Myself

Birthday Prayer Wishes For Myself  Thanking God: Birthdays make us look back to the years that have passed. We start to realize how strong we are for surviving life’s challenges and the lessons we have learned all through the years. Every celebration is a chance to remind one’s self of God’s blessings and connect with him in […]

Birthday Prayer For A Dad

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages To My Father: When it comes to a birthday prayer for dad we recommend that you share messages from the heart. Knowing that it is not everyone that is called father, papa, dad or daddy that has a biological connection or a birth father to you. A father could be someone […]

100th Day Birthday Wishes/Prayers

Living up to 100th birthday might not be as easy as many people think. It is beyond doubt, a major milestone that calls for a milestone celebration. After all, there are a lot of pitfalls along the way in life. Turning 100 obviously is an amazing celebration of a life well lived. Find warm 100th Day […]

Birthday Prayers To A Friend

Best Birthday Prayer For A Female Friend | Birthday Prayer For Best Friend | Birthday Prayer For A Male Friend: It’s time to celebrate and gift your good friend on their special day. Praying for your friend on their birthday is the /perfect present/ to gift them with. It is different from walking into a […]

Prayers For Family

Praying for our family is something we should do daily. Whether you pray for your children, your parents or close friends that you consider family, a prayer for family can have a powerful impact. With the humble act of praying, you and I become ready recipients of the wisdom, strength, and unity God is waiting […]

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