Sorry Messages To My Boss

You may want to apologize to your boss for a big mistake you made in your work place and you do not know how to go about it. Then these sorry messages to my boss for misbehavior, misconduct, misunderstanding or poor performance will come in handy to you. Best Sorry Text Messages To My Boss […]

I’m Sorry Text Messages For My Husband

It is a natural thing to fight as husband and wife; we wouldn’t say we’ve never messed up as human because no one is perfect. Now, what makes you a mature person is the ability to realize your mistakes and apologize for them. There’s nothing that heals wound or pain more than the word SORRY. […]

Funny Sorry Messages

It’s never easy to say I’m sorry. Many people try to ignore the fact that someone is hurting because of pride while some find a joking way to apologise for their wrong doings. You may have knowingly or unknowingly offended a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or colleague and you are having difficulty in acknowledging […]