Instagram Birthday Bio With Emoji

Best Birthday Bio Idea For Your Insta Profile: Looking for how to write birthday date in Instagram bio? Well, if the answer is yes, then look no farther, you are at the right place. Find suitable Birthday Bio Emojis or Catchphrases like “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” to update your IG profile on your […]

100th Day Birthday Wishes/Prayers

Living up to 100th birthday might not be as easy as many people think. It is beyond doubt, a major milestone that calls for a milestone celebration. After all, there are a lot of pitfalls along the way in life. Turning 100 obviously is an amazing celebration of a life well lived. Find warm 100th Day […]

Birthday Prayer For Girlfriend

Prayers For Girlfriend On Her Birthday: It is true that ladies love and expect romantic text messages on their birthday, but sending them prayer wishes is another thoughtful thing to do that will show that you care for their wellbeing. So, if you are thinking of a special way to make your girlfriend’s birthday a […]

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

Birthday wishes to my lover could be unsettling if it is not done right . . . . . . Problem??? Your Love, Your Lover, Your Everything as some may call it, is having a birthday. And you are wondering what to write on the card or share on Facebook. With our Birthday Wishes for […]

Birthday Prayer For Girlfriend In Islam

Every birthday comes with a special blessing, and when it’s that of your girlfriend, making it more blessed will go a long way in expressing how much you love and wish her well. If you are a person of faith in Islam, you must reach your loved ones with Islamic Birthday prayer wishes on their […]

Birthday Prayer For A Dad

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages To My Father: When it comes to a birthday prayer for dad we recommend that you share messages from the heart. Knowing that it is not everyone that is called father, papa, dad or daddy that has a biological connection or a birth father to you. A father could be someone […]

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister: Bring out the beautiful smile on your sister’s face on her special day while you take her down the memory lane of childhood with these funny happy birthday wishes. Having a younger or older siblings is a blessing. When it comes to their birthdays giving them a smile can […]

Islamic Birthday Wishes

One may get confused as to if sending Happy Birthday Wishes in Islam is forbidden. The answer is NO. So if you are one of those people who have asked how do you wish someone happy birthday in Islam? Do not get puzzled. And that’s why we are sharing these Best Islamic Happy Birthday Wishes […]

Happy Birthday Wishes in Advance

Birthdays are always a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated with grand gestures! All the celebrant wants is to spend time with loved ones, receive warmth birthday messages and wishes during this day but sometimes, time does not permit us to spend time with a birthday celebrant that is close to our heart. It […]

Happy Birthday Wishes To Dad

Birthday Wishes To Dad or Father Figure: Dads are the most important people in our life. So, when it comes to dad’s birthday we suggest you express your love for him and how important he is to you. Wish him in such a way and with such words that instantly melt his heart, make him […]