Happy Birthday Wishes For Myself

People celebrate their birthdays every day and we send them wishes to show them how much we care but what happens to our own birthdays? On that special day, our friends, family, partners in life and lovers aren’t the only ones to wish us Happy Birthday: by updating Facebook or Whatsapp status with our profile, we […]

Happy Birthday Messages For Him

Birthdays come every year and it’s not very easy to be original when writing your birthday messages. Trust me, it may seem simple, but it’s not as easy as it looks. You’ve got a buddy, a guy, a dude, a fella, a man in your life. He, whoever he is, has a birthday and you […]

Happy Birthday Wishes To Mum

Every mother deserves special recognition and loving happy wishes from their daughter, son and family members on her birthday. We all really need to appreciate the love, care and sacrifice she has given us in all her life. Let’s make mum’s birthdays something to remember for her. Our collection of Happy birthday wishes to mum […]

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Lover

An emotional birthday wishes for that special person in your life in whom you share your everything, whatever it is. Celebrating them on their birthday is a sign that you love, care and appreciate what you share. Words are powerful and travel fast. Emotional words/wishes from a lover to another lover on their birthday goes […]

Happy Birthday Wishes in Advance

Birthdays are always a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated with grand gestures! All the celebrant wants is to spend time with loved ones, receive warmth birthday messages and wishes during this day but sometimes, time does not permit us to spend time with a birthday celebrant that is close to our heart. It […]

Happy Birthday Messages For Her

Every woman deserves to be spoiled every once in a while, so use her birthday this year to celebrate all of her great qualities. Whether it’s your mom, wife, sister, aunt, girlfriend, grandmother, daughter, or friend, she is one of the most important, incredible, and beautiful things in your life. Tell her how awesome you […]

Birthday Prayers To A Friend

Best Birthday Prayer For A Female Friend | Birthday Prayer For Best Friend | Birthday Prayer For A Male Friend: It’s time to celebrate and gift your good friend on their special day. Praying for your friend on their birthday is the /perfect present/ to gift them with. It is different from walking into a […]

Birthday Prayers For Myself

Birthday Prayer Wishes For Myself  Thanking God: Birthdays make us look back to the years that have passed. We start to realize how strong we are for surviving life’s challenges and the lessons we have learned all through the years. Every celebration is a chance to remind one’s self of God’s blessings and connect with him in […]

Hindu Birthday Wishes In Hindi

There are many ways to celebrate friends, co-workers, anyone in your personal or professional circle or even relatives on their birthday. But it becomes difficult if you have to wish them in Hindu way. Panic not! these Happy Birthday Wishes/Prayers/Messages in Hindu will guide you and surely make them feel special and blessed on their […]

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

Birthday is that time of the year when we feel special, loved, and blessed. When it is your wife’s birthday, you might plan the most suitable gift for her, but you can make it better by adding humour to the birthday wishes. Take a lead from 25 Fun Ways To Wish Your Wife Happy Birthday […]

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