New Traditional Buddhist Wedding Vows

Buddhist Wedding Vows Examples:  Buddhist weddings are a type of religious marriage ceremony. In Buddhist teachings, marriage is viewed as “the equal commitment to the happiness of your partner, toward their awakening.” Moreover, marriage is described as a practice ground for serving others. Through service and facing challenges, we develop our inner potential, which is […]

Reasons Why I Love You Girlfriend

Not many people have a girlfriend who starts the conversation, or who tells her romantic feelings first. Some men would say, I just feel like I don’t need a reason to love her. I just love her. Oh! yeah… tell her. In as much as there’s a saying that goes “actions speak louder than words,” […]

Reasons Why I Love You Boyfriend

Showing someone how much we care about them is an important part of a relationship and, even though it may seem silly, sitting them down, looking them in the eye and saying “Here are the reasons why I love you so much” to them can be just as important. Tell Your Man; Here’s Reasons Why […]

Best Hobbies For Men Over 40

Ultimate List of Hobbies for Men: One thing to keep in mind, Gentlemen, is that no experience is wasted or wrong. A secret to keep your mind sharp at any age is to engage in creative indoor and outdoor activities. What you must do is constantly challenge yourself to learn new things, improve existing skills, […]

Good Compliments For Your Man – Guy Friend

Compliments for Your Guy Friend to Make Him Feel Special: Say something nice to your man on his appearance, his work, the effort he puts into the relationship, his character his personality, his heart and his mind. Your guy may seem cool and confident and never fish for praise, but underneath, he needs to know […]

Funny Wedding Vows To Make You Laugh

Reading vows moment in marriage ceremony is one the most romantic and sacred aspect of a wedding. It gives the bride and groom all the time in the world to express their undying love and help give the guests an insight into the loving bond the husband and wife will share.  But who says you […]

Wedding Vows For Him That Make You Cry

Wedding vows are solemn promises pledged between a bride and a groom on their marriage ceremony. They provide the contractual (both formal and informal) basis that will guide the newlyweds through their shared life together and set the tone for what is to come. If you have decided to write your own wedding vows, but […]

Baptist Wedding Vow Samples ― New

Best Baptist Church Wedding Vows Examples: Guides to write Baptist wedding vows for your marriage ceremony is divided into the declaration of intent, the exchange of vows and the exchange of rings. Depending upon your individual faith, slight variations may exist in your wedding ceremony. For Baptists, incorporating religious elements and traditions to your wedding […]

Wedding Vows For Bride From The Heart

Ladies take vows seriously especially when it is coming from the person that they want to spend the rest of their life together. Vows are an incredibly meaningful—personal— and part of a wedding ceremony. In the past,  ‘I take thee to be my husband/wife to hand and to hold from this day forward’ was the […]

Traditional Modern Hindu Wedding Vows

Samples of Traditional Modern Hindu Wedding Ceremony Vows: In India, marriage is not only a two soul affair, but it is the marriage between two families. If you’re not an Indian but you are about marrying one or you are invited to attend a Hindu wedding ceremony, you may be wondering what happens at a […]

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