Complaint Letter Samples

Complaint Letter For Poor Airline Services, Compensations And Refunds

Sample Complaint Letter About Airline Bad Services like Delayed Flight, Flight Cancellation and Flight-Overbooking/Denied Boarding: Passengers whose flight are disrupted in one way or another on arrival or departure may wish to file a dissatisfaction complaint to the airline for their poor services. This is dependent on the regulatory bodies governing  airline operation in your […]

Complaint Letter To Hospital For Poor Services

Sample Complaint Letter About Poor Medical Care Services Received: Each and every healthcare organisation and medical facility is expected to maintain cleanliness at all costs as it houses and treats sick people, whose health responsibility lies with them. But if a hospital, doctor or nurse has mistreated you in any way, however small you think […]

Complaint Letter About Poor Service In Restaurant

Samples of complaint letter about poor quality of food and services in restaurant: It is not acceptable to be offered bad services of meal in a restaurant but it’s inevitable. If you recently had a poor experience at a fast food restaurant or drive-thru, consider writing a complaint letter. The letter will not only help […]

Complaint Letter For Poor Courier Delivery Service

Samples of Complaint About Bad Courier Service Delivery: A complaint letter can be written if a courier company is not delivering the products to you on time. The letter to Courier Company manager/management is to formally lay a report on poor delivery services received from the said organisation. See some examples of letter of complaint […]

Complaint Letter For Bad Service In Hotel

Samples of Complaint Letter to Hotel Management On Poor Services: Every guests lodging in a hotel wish for good hospitality treatment, good ambience, good food and a good stay. Trust me, this is never the outcome in some hotels. Therefore, a complaint letter to Hotel Management may be required if the case is the reverse […]

Reply To Complaint On Poor Service At Restaurant

Satisfied customers are the key to success for any restaurant. Occasionally, complaint in the restaurant industry is inevitable due to different customer with different personalities and different expectations. Certainly restaurant owners have experienced a complaint from dissatisfied customer in their years or months or days of running  their business. That is why it is important […]

Complaint Letter For Poor Drainage System Samples

A complaint letter to municipality/authority regarding poor drainage system in the locality: Poor drainage system can lead to health hazards, flooding, resulting in property loss, and people may even be forced to move to escape floodwaters. And flooding may damage water supply infrastructure and contaminate domestic water sources. So, it is important to have a […]

Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police

Missing Document Complaint Letter Samples,  Police Complaint Letter to Report Theft And Loss, Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police : If you recently lost your item or had it stolen and you want to lodge in a complain to Police but you are having difficulty on how to put it in writing, then you are […]

Complaint Letter About Exam Result Samples

Sample Request Letter for Exam Results: Problems regarding examination result in many schools are inevitable, whether it is omission of result, correction of result, missing grade, complaint for mark. It is never a good experience for students who experience this situation. If you find yourself in this predicament as a student and you wish to […]

Sample Racial Discrimination Complaint Letter

Letter to HR for Racial Discrimination – Racial Discrimination Complaint Letter Sample: Have you been discriminated against at work or school base on your skin colour, or racial or ethnic origin? Perhaps a manager/co-worker or course/school mate has discriminated against you. Or, a supervisor/teacher has yelled racial epithets at you. For example, a woman of […]