Complaint Letter Samples

Complaint Letter About Smoking

Samples of Smoking Complaint Letter: Having a smoke-free environment can be beneficial to everyone as it saves human cardiovascular and respiratory tract. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises that exposure to tobacco smoke causes death, disease and disability, and asks countries to adopt and implement legislation that provides protection from second-hand smoke. This sample […]

Cruise Ship Complaint Letter Examples

Complaint Letter About Poor Services In A Cruise Ship: Many people choose cruises for their vacations; it’s an opportunity for one to forget about work, unpack and get back in touch with their playful side. In general, cruises are designed for the enjoyment of its passengers because of their value, food, pampering, nightly entertainment and […]

Complaint Letter for Power Outage

This sample letters address how to write a complaint letter to electricity distribution company over power outage and customer complaint email letter for power cut in your locality. Power Cut Complaint Letter to the Electricity Department From, ___________(Name), ___________(Name of the society) To, Electricity Board, ___________ (Address) Date:___________ Subject: Complaint letter for frequent power cut […]

Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police

Missing Document Complaint Letter Samples,  Police Complaint Letter to Report Theft And Loss, Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police : If you recently lost your item or had it stolen and you want to lodge in a complain to Police but you are having difficulty on how to put it in writing, then you are […]

Complaint Letter For Poor Airline Services, Compensations And Refunds

Sample Complaint Letter About Airline Bad Services like Delayed Flight, Flight Cancellation and Flight-Overbooking/Denied Boarding: Passengers whose flight are disrupted in one way or another on arrival or departure may wish to file a dissatisfaction complaint to the airline for their poor services. This is dependent on the regulatory bodies governing  airline operation in your […]

Reply To Parent/Student Complaint Letter

School Response to Parents on Complaint about Child’s Study/Exam/Grades: Every institution receives complaint from time to time. Sometimes, if a parent/parents are not satisfied with their children’s learning, they may complain to the institution, and seek an explanation. When this happens, it is therefore necessary for the school to reply the complainant being that he/she […]

Complaint Letter To Hospital For Poor Services

Sample Complaint Letter About Poor Medical Care Services Received: Each and every healthcare organisation and medical facility is expected to maintain cleanliness at all costs as it houses and treats sick people, whose health responsibility lies with them. But if a hospital, doctor or nurse has mistreated you in any way, however small you think […]

Sample Complaint Letter To School

Parent Complaint Letter To Child’s School Administrator: No matter how experienced you are, all school leaders receive complaints from time to time. These can range from informal, verbal comments up to formal, written complaints; from minor to major concerns. They may come from students, staff, parents, or even members of the public. They could be […]

Complaint Letter To Bank For Poor Customer Service

Samples of Complaint Letter for Bad Customer Service At Bank: As a bank customer, have you ever experienced poor services from your bank and you are wondering how to write a complaint letter or email about bad customer service that you received. Every bank customer has a right to bring to the attention of the […]

Food Poisoning Complaint Letter Samples

Making Complaint About Food Poisoning: Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating contaminated food. A food is unsafe for consumption or unsatisfactory if it contains a foreign object, such as glass, insects, or hair or contaminated by chemicals, like disinfectants or detergents, or it has a bad taste or smell. This can lead to […]

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