Complaint Letter To Bank For Money Deduction

Sample Complaint Letter To Bank For Deduction Of Money From Customer Account: A complaint letter to a relevant authority in a bank is very necessary due to irregularities, increasing fraud incidents in our societies, errors in transactions, technical problems and even unauthorized deduction of money with the banking systems.  Such a letter helps the bank […]

Loan Complaint Letter To Bank And Lender Samples

Complaints About Issues Surrounding Loans: There are many problems that can arise in getting a loan either from bank or money lenders. Typical examples of such are undue delay or rejection of loan approval,, excessive interest charges, loan processing charges,  delay of clearance of bank loan and many more. If you are experiencing any of […]

Request Refund From Bank Letter Samples

Money Refund Letters and Email Samples To Bank: How to write letter regarding refunds from bank to customers after noticing deduction in your account? Unauthorized transactions can take place in this era of digital banking. It is important you notify your bank immediately in writing regarding the deduction of money to request them to investigate […]

Closure of Bank Account Letter Samples

Letter For Closing Bank Account: To close your bank account, you must have to write an application letter to your respective bank branch manager. It could be a personal or a business bank account closure letter request. Along with the application, you need to include/attach the necessary documents which are required to close your account […]