Refund For Bad Hotel Stay

Claim Compensation or Refund for Bad Holiday / Stay In A Hotel Room

Claim Compensation or Refund for Bad Holiday / Stay In A Hotel Room: A good holiday experience encompasses your accommodation, culture, religion, food and people you meet in that environs. And a good value means that you are happy paying the price you have paid for the experience you received. In that regard, many holiday makers/hotel guests might find themselves in an unsuitable situation where there has been a breach of contract. When a hotelier provides less services with reasonable care as promised in the contract.

So can one get compensation for a bad holiday? You can claim compensation and the amount will depend on how serious the failing of the holiday company. If a holiday is completely ruined it might be reasonable for you to get a full refund. See example of refund request for bad holiday in hotel.

Compensation Letter for Unsatisfactory Hotel Accommodation / Reservation

____________________ [Name of the Hotel Executive]
____________________ [Hotel Address]

Date: ____________________

Dear Mr./Mrs ____________________,

Sub: Compensation or Refund for Bad Stay in Hotel

My name is ____________________ [enter your name]. On the ____________________ [enter date in full] my ____________________ [husband/friend etc] and I were recently guests at the ____________________ [name of the hotel] for ____________________ [enter duration of stay] during our trip around ____________________ [the world etc.] [for/during our honeymoon].

We were highly recommended the ____________________ [enter name of hotel] Hotel by friends who had stayed there last year on their honeymoon. We also did our own research before deciding where to stay and your website is beautifully presented with wonderful photos of the ____________________ [resort/hotel] and there are several positive reviews on the web which helped us make our final choice and decision.

We felt confident that in choosing a hotel which came highly praised from our close friends as well as winning us over via your website and it’s reviews online, was sure to be the vacation we were hoping for.

We were reassured at the time of booking that we were to be in one of the newly renovated rooms on the quiet side of the hotel.

Upon Check-In, we were told that due to an unexpected over booking, we had to be moved to another room, room number ________ [enter room number] and that should something free up during our stay that we would be able to move if we wished.

The room was certainly one of the older, un-renovated rooms located ________________________________________ [give details of orientation in the building] which meant that we heard ____________________[details of what was so noisy] until all hours of the night including ____________________ [more details of noise disturbance]. The room itself was also really quite dirty and seemed to have been perhaps unused for quite some time; there was a constant damp and mould like smell in the room that gave my wife a headache after the first night.

We complained and were assured that we would be moved into another room but each day went by with no rooms available for us and we ended up staying in the same room for the rest of our stay.

The entire experience ruined our entire vacation/honeymoon and we will never be going back to your hotel or recommending it to any of our friends.

The room was not at all what we booked and had we have known the state of both the room and the level of noise outside our windows we would have never chosen to stay at your hotel. We would like a refund for our total stay.

We feel that we were completely miss-led via your website, booking process and the very positive feedback that we had received from our friends.

Awaiting your prompt reply.

____________________ [Signature]
____________________ [Writer’s name]

Refund For Bad Hotel Stay