Verbal Abuse Complaint Letter Sample

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Complaint Against Verbal Abuse: Verbal Abuse can greatly affect a person’s emotional and mental stability which creates pain and anguish. In fact, abuse of any sort can affect a person’s self esteem and performance especially if it is in a work environment.

Some friends/colleagues are fond of using name-calling and labelling all in the name of cracking lame jokes. Being offensive through words towards a person is verbally abusive.

If you find yourself in this position and you are wondering on how to complain about verbal abuse? This Verbal Abuse Complaint Letter Sample can help you start.

Abuse Complaint Letter in Workplace

____________________ [Sender’s Name]
____________________ [Sender’s Address]

____________________ [Date]

____________________ The Managing Director
____________________ [Company Name]
____________________ [Company Address

Subject: Complaint Abuse Letter About Coworker

Dear Mr./Ms. __________,

This is to bring in your kind attention that __________ [enter abuser’s name] continuous lame jokes about me are creating hindrances in my work performance. I had earlier tried to resolve the matter in peaceful terms, but unfortunately, things didn’t end up well.

Moreover, he started an abusive language, as well. I request you to take appropriate action and devise a solution. I am thanking you in anticipation.


____________________ [Sender’s Name]
____________________ Sender’s Email address

Verbal Abuse Complaint Letter Sample