Complaint Letter About Poor Service In Restaurant

Complaint Letter About Poor Service In Restaurant

Samples of complaint letter about poor quality of food and services in restaurant: It is not acceptable to be offered bad services of meal in a restaurant but it’s inevitable. If you recently had a poor experience at a fast food restaurant or drive-thru, consider writing a complaint letter. The letter will not only help the restaurant do better in the future, but you might receive a refund or coupons. Now in the below sample letters, we have some good example of letters regarding a complaint to restaurant about poor service.

Sample Letter of Complaint About Poor Food In Restaurant


_______________[Name of Restaurant]
_______________[Address of Restaurant]
_______________[City, state, zip-code]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I visited your restaurant on _______________ [Enter date in full] for dinner with my family. We ordered Italian food and requested the waiter for [name of dish ordered].

The starter came in after a long wait and turned out to be stale. Upon asking, the waiter brought back the same food by adding some layers of salad and overheating it. We had it and left the restaurant without satisfaction. In the night family, all of us started to feel discomfort, and we rushed to a hospital wherein doctors declared food poisoning. We could avert severe damages due to timely medical attention.

You have to look after the food you serve to the customers, I feel the standards of your restaurant have come down, and I will never recommend anyone to your place. It is pathetic to see how irresponsible you people are without thinking about the consequences and the health of customers running a business just to mint money.

I request you to kindly investigate and take action against the staff and all the people associated with this matter. I am sending a copy of hospital bills for reimbursement failing, which I will take up the case to the [respective authority name] for stringent action against your restaurant. And serve good food to the customers who trust you.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

_______________ [Your Name]
_______________ [Contact Number]
_______________ [Your Address]

Complaint Letter About Poor Service In Restaurant


_______________ [Name of Restaurant]
_______________ [Address of Restaurant]
_______________ City, state, zip-code

Dear Sir/Madam,

On _______________ [Enter date in full] we chose to have dinner in your restaurant as I heard the food served at your place is authentic and tasty, but to my surprise the service was pathetic.

We ordered the food and waited so long despite having less number of customers. Initially, we were supposed to get [name of dish ordered], but the starter didn’t come till the time we insisted for an hour, and we were upset. After telling the waiters several times finally we got the [name of dish] served to us, but to my shock, it was cold and tasteless.

It was the weekend, and we were in very high spirits to enjoy the day with friends and some of my family members, but because of the service along with food, everything got ruined.

The dinner served was also cold as they exchanged the orders of some other table to us and later replaced it, which made the food cold and tasteless. But the manager seemed ignorant about the whole episode, and I felt annoyed by this kind of negligence. Even my friends and family members were really unhappy about the entire episode.

I am very disappointed with the service provided and hope that in future you will improve your standards.


_______________ [Your Name]

Sample Complaint Letter Regarding Drive-Thru Restaurant Experience

_______________ [Fast Food Restaurant Name],
_______________ [Fast Food Restaurant Address]

Date: __/__/____[DD/MM/YYYY],

_______________ [Customer Name],
_______________ [Customer Address]

Dear sir/madam,

My family and I have enjoying visiting _______________[Enter Fast Food Restaurant Name] throughout the past few years. We love the _______________ [Enter specifics like blue sandwich] and in the past, we have been happy with the customer service. However, on [Enter full date], we had a negative experience and would like to inform you about it.

We were in a hurry so we decided to go through your drive thru. We order [state meal ordered] meals. The total with tax was $9.97. We gave the cashier a twenty, however she only returned three cents for change. I reminded her that I had given her a twenty, and she said “No, you gave me a ten.” I am certain that I handed her a twenty, and this can be verified by my wife/friend/husband or any witness.

We decided not to press the issue at this time; however, we would like you to check the records and see if the drawer came up ten dollars over. We know that mistakes can happen, and we would be more likely to patronize your business in the future should you correct this mistake.

I have enclosed a copy of our receipt for your convenience.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

Formal Letter Complaint About Restaurant Food Services

_______________ [Writer’s Name],
_______________ [Writer’s Address],
_______________ [City, State]

Date: __/__/____[Date]

_______________ [Name Of Restaurant Manager],
_______________ [Name Of The Hotel],
_______________ [Address Of The Hotel]

Subject: Complaint regarding _________ [food/service] at ________[Name Of The Restaurant]

Dear ________ [Name Of The Restaurant Manager],

I, ________ [Name] am writing this letter to bring into your concern, the last experience I had on _______ [Date] in your esteemed ________ [Name of the Restaurant]. Your restaurant is prominently known for its excellent food and good service. However, this was not likely my experience on my last visit.

I made a reservation ________ [Particular Date], prior to dinner for _______ [number of persons]. My family was celebrating the _______ [wedding anniversary/birthday/ any other occasion] of ________ [mention the event/particulars]

When we arrived at the place, our table was not ready and we had to wait for ______ [time] minutes at your ______ [location] because the ________ [lobby] was extremely occupied. There was not enough seating arrangement for all of us and some of us had to stand. We were not offered any _________ [drink or a glass of water]. After _________ [time] minutes of a long wait, we were taken to the dining area, when we were finally got seated, the food, which I had ordered in advance with the booking, was not ready. We waited again for ______ [time] minutes for the food, unfortunately, it was ____ [poor quality/any other issue]. _________ [explain all the situation in detail]

Later, I ordered a __________ [special cake] too, however, _________ [that was not prepared/quality/not fresh]. We tried to make the best of the situation by ordering more ________________ [food/dessert_. After all of that, __________________ [any other issue]

I have dined at your restaurant many times and enjoyed the ambiance and food, but I believe I _________ [more details] for the disastrous celebration of _________ [event details]. I am attaching all the _________ [reservation details payment receipt/ photo if any]. _______________ [any other details if any]

I hope to receive a kind reply from your side as soon as possible.


_______________ [Name Of The Customer],
_______________ [Signature Of The Customer]

Complaint Letter About Poor Service In Restaurant