Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police

Complaint Letter For Damaged Goods

Missing Document Complaint Letter Samples,  Police Complaint Letter to Report Theft And Loss, Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police : If you recently lost your item or had it stolen and you want to lodge in a complain to Police but you are having difficulty on how to put it in writing, then you are in the right post. This article covers how to write a letter for something stolen and various useful template formats.

Missing Document Complaint Letter Samples

____________ Sender’s Name,
____________ Sender’s ID card number,
____________ Sender’s Address.

Date ____________

____________ Officer-In-charge,
____________ [Enter Name Of Police Station],
____________ [Enter Location or Division Name].

Subject: Regarding Notice Of Missing My Original Document

Dear Sir,

I, __________ [enter writer’s name], age _____ [state your age], resident of ____________________ [enter writer’s address] and want to inform you that today while _____________ _____________________________________ [state what lead to your missing document], I have lost my original certificates along with 2 ATM cards. These items were in a leather bag, which I left on the bus seat. When I realized, after that I tried to locate the bus but I could not succeed.

Sir, to avoid any misuse of my above mentioned documents and ATM card, I seek your help and request you to kindly provide me a copy of this report by registering this incident, so that I can get the lost documents (duplicates) from the college.

List of lost items:

__________ [enter missing #1 e.g Graduation certificates]
__________ [enter missing #2 e.g School certificates]
__________ [enter missing #3 e.g 2 ATMs (abc Bank and xyz Bank)]

I am attaching a copy of my identity card here, Hope you take necessary action as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
____________ signature
____________ [enter writer’s name]

Complaint Letter To Police For Theft or Stolen Goods

____________ Date
____________ Officer’s Name,
____________ Officer’s Designation,
____________ Police Station’s Address,

Subject: Regarding Theft Of My Bike/Scooter

Dear Sir,

I am (sender’s name), age ___, a resident of ____________________ (sender’s address). On the ____________ (enter date in full) morning at around 9:30 am I went to Shoprite on my bike to buy some items. Due to overcrowding in the parking zone, I had to park my motorcycle outside the supermarket premises. When I came back from shopping I could not find my motorcycle there. I searched all around and questioned many people but nothing was found. The bike is 5 months old and has a black color.

My motorcycle details are:
____________ [Enter Make Of Missing Item]
____________ [Enter Model]
____________ [Enter Chassis Number]
____________ [Enter Registration Number]

Therefore, you are requested to register an FIR based on the information about the theft of the motorcycle given by me and please take appropriate action.

Kind regards.

Yours faithfully,
____________ Signature
____________ Sender’s Name

Sample Letter to Police for Lost Stolen Missing Purse Wallet

Date: ____________________From
____________________ [Name of the Complainant]
____________________ [Residential Address]
____________________ [Telephone Number]
____________________ [Email ID]

The Officer-in-charge / The Superintendent
____________________ Police Station
____________________ [Address]

Sub.: Request for lodging an FIR regarding the missing or lost or stolen wallet

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, ____________________ [Enter Your Name], aged _____ years, son/daughter of ____________________, is a resident of [Enter Your Full Address]. I would like bring to your attention that – on ___________________[ Enter Your Date in Full], while travelling from ____________________[Enter Your Location] to ____________________ [Enter Your Destination] by ____________________[Bus, Taxi/Cab, Train], some miscreant stole my wallet, as I am sure the wallet was there in my pant pocket before getting on the said ____________________ [Bus, Taxi/Cab, Train] but I could not find the wallet after getting off from the bus.

Following were the contents of my wallet:
Money: _____________________________
Aadhar card: _______________________
Pan card: ___________________________
Voter id card: _______________________
Bank’s Debit card: __________________
Bank’s Credit card: _________________
Passport Photographs of _____________
Driving license: _____________________

Kind request to your goodself to lodge an FIR regarding the theft of my wallet and please provide me with an attested copy thereof.

I am providing herewith a self-attested copy of my Aadhar card as my identity and address proof for your verification purposes. The photocopies of some of the above-mentioned things as available with me presently are also enclosed herewith.

I shall be grateful for any efforts taken by your team to trace and recover my wallet and contents of it.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

____________________ [Signature]
____________________ [Writer’s Name]

Stolen Item Complaint Letter To Police