Complaint Letter To Hospital For Poor Services

Complaint Letter For Poor Service at Hospital

Sample Complaint Letter About Poor Medical Care Services Received: Each and every healthcare organisation and medical facility is expected to maintain cleanliness at all costs as it houses and treats sick people, whose health responsibility lies with them. But if a hospital, doctor or nurse has mistreated you in any way, however small you think the violation might be, it’s critically important to at least complain to the hospital management, hospital director, healthcare authority or social worker.

In this posts are different samples of how letter of complaint for poor service at hospital can be written. If, however, you experienced physical violence or an injury, contact a lawyer before contacting the hospital.

Sample Letter Complaint Hospital Services

___________ [Designation of addressee]
___________ [Hospital name]
___________ [Hospital Address]

Date: ___________

Sub.: Sample Complaint Letter Against Doctor

Dear [recipient’s name],

This letter is directed to higher Medical authorities. As you are well aware with the situation of corona virus spreading, doctors are not treating patients in right way. I know as this virus has spread in our country; patient rate has also driven higher. This does give a lot of burden on doctors’ shoulders.

Recently, I had to go to hospital to check on my cousin who is affected by corona virus. There is no obligation of rules by doctors. They don’t treat patients as their condition requires. I have seen doctors moving onto next patient without prescribing all the medications or evaluating the patient condition.

This was a very heart-breaking scenario for me to witness as I do realize that our doctors are front line warriors but it is important for them to give their attention and time to each patient and don’t rush to next patient. It is my request to you to please check on the government hospitals.


___________ [Writer’s signature]
___________ [Writer’s name]

Complaint Letter Against Hospital For Negligence

___________ [Patient’s Name]
___________ [Patient’s Address]
___________ [City, State, Zip Code]
___________ [Phone number]

Date: ___________

___________ [Name of Contact Person]
___________ [Name of Hospital]
___________ [Hospital Address]
___________ [City, State, Zip Code]

Sub.: Service provided in emergency room

Dear Mr/Ms Name of Person,

On March ___________ [Enter Date In Full], I entered your emergency room for treatment of a painful arm. I waited for two hours while in excruciating pain before being admitted into the examining room where I was seen by Doctor Name and Nurse Name. An X-ray was taken, and I was told there was no serious problem and was given some pain killers.

Since the pain did not subside after two days, I went to Name of other Hospital, where an X-ray was taken that showed my arm was fractured.

Since I suffered unnecessarily, I would like to know that the doctor and nurse who attended to me in your hospital have been reprimanded for this negligence. Enclosed are copies of the documents from the second hospital.

I know the emergency room was very crowded, but when I finally saw a doctor, I expected an accurate diagnosis.

Kindly let me know what, if any, action will be taken in this case. I am home every day and can be reached at 0000-000-0000 or


___________ [Patient’s signature]
___________ [Patient’s name]

Disappointment Complaint Letter To Hospital For Poor Hygiene Service

Date: _______________

_______________ [Name Hospital Department],
_______________ [Hospital Name],
_______________ [Hospital Address]

Dear [Enter full name],

I, _______________ [Enter sender’s full name], have written this letter to inform you that the facilities have very disappointing and there is absolutely no proper hygiene anywhere in the hospital.

I am very disheartened that I had chosen your hospital as a place to treat my family member, but I will never again make the same mistake. It is very disgusting that this is the way you treat the patients even after taking so much money as service charges.

It is frankly astounding that you have such disregard for even the basic principles of cleanliness that are deemed necessary in even a local clinic, but your management has simply decided to neglect it.

I never found a place to even properly sit as it completely filled with dirt and dust. This is not the way to treat people. You are doing nothing that will help them but instead exposing people already suffering to harmful and pathogenic material that will further deteriorate their personal and mental health.

I hope that this letter will serve to act as an eye-opener for you because if you do not act even after this then there would be nothing left of the hospital that you are trying to run.

Warm regards,

_______________ [Sender’s Name],
_______________ [Sender’s Signature]
_______________ [Sender’s Address],
_______________ [City, State]

Letter Of Complaint For Poor Service at Hospital

__________ [Receiver’s Name],
__________ [Hospital Name],
__________ [Address]

Date: ___________

Sub.: Complaint regarding _________________________________ [State details of Complaint]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Most humbly and respectfully, I am __________ [Writer’s Name] and I got the treatment of ________ [Mention] on __________ [Enter Full Date] in your hospital __________ [Enter Hospital Name].

I am writing this to inform you about the recent incident I encountered at your Hospital’s campus. I would like to state that on __________ [Enter Full Date] I visited your hospital for ___________ [State Purpose] and I had to ________ [Mention your complaint].

I believe you will consider this issue as genuine and you will into the matter at the earliest. Your hospital being renowned I did not expect this. For any inquiries you may contact me at _________ [Contact Number].

Thanking You,

__________ [Writer’s Signature],
__________ [Writer’s Name],
__________ [Writer’s Contact Number]

Complaint Letter Against Hospital For Lack Of Care

To Director,
___________[Hospital Name]
___________Hospital Address]

Dear Hospital Director’s Name,

Sub.: Lack of Care At Hospital

On ___________[Enter date in full], my ___________[child/daughter/son], ___________ [Enter child’s name in full] was injured in an accident at ___________ [home/school]. As [he/she] was crying nonstop, I suspect that [he/she] has injuries. I immediately drove [him/her] to your hospital for checkup.

When we arrived at the emergency room, no one was available to help ___________ [enter child’s first name] from the car, and I had to carry [him/her] within [5] minutes.

I hope after receiving this letter, you take reasonable actions to address the unpleasant hospital treatment we received. If I do not get a response within the next ___________ [mention the number of days] days and then I will have no other option but to contact the health minister of the state and inform him of the same.

This is not the way to treat a person who is ill, as it is humanity to at least treat someone properly who needs urgent medical attention.

Complaint Letter to Hospital for Improper Nursing Service

___________ [Designation of addressee]
___________ [Hospital name]
___________ [Hospital Address]

Dear [recipient’s name],

I am writing you this letter to complain about the unsatisfactory service I received as a patient from your reputed hospital. I got admitted at the hospital at [mention time] on [mention date] under [mention doctor name] him.

The nurse showed up on time for the first day but for the rest of the three days, I had to wait for more. She did not come at the proper time not even when it was necessary. Then what is the meaning of getting a proper nursing service from your hospital.

We have chosen your hospital by seeing some of the good advertisements and heard about your good nursing service. But in my case, I am really disappointed. Your charge is so high despite you cannot even able to give proper service. When I am not getting a proper nursing service from this hospital then we should not pay the full amount to you. Although we cleared the entire amount.

I have faced a lack of compassion and care. She was not well informed at all. . She should know how to behave with a critical patient. My point is she never come on time to me, behaved rudely, and does not have proper medical skills. Let me be aware that you people even have hired an unskilled person like her. It will down your reputation.

Waiting for your feedback.


[Sender Name]

Complaint Letter To Hospital For Poor Services