40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40 only comes around once and we think you should make the most of it.  40 is the perfect age to explore the world! Find the best gift ideas for a 40th birthday celebrant.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Cool Vintage T-Shirt

For a great gift with a bit of a retro-touch, gift him a funny vintage designed t-shirt featuring the year of birth [YYYY]. It’s a bit witty, but also nostalgic, which is why he’ll love wearing it everywhere.

Food Tours

Every man loves food, which is why celebrating with one of the many food tours near you is an excellent 40th birthday gift.  No matter which tour you choose, it’ll be an exciting way to celebrate an unforgettable 40th birthday idea!

Plan an Adventure Day

Bump up the adrenaline for a thrilling 40th birthday gift idea. Sign up for a mud run, go axe throwing, play paintball or go whitewater rafting, skydiving or rock climbing.

Grill Tool Set

Take his grilling game to the next level. Buy him a good grill tool set that can be used for cook out or barbeque.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Monthly Flower Subscription

It’s a special birthday, which means you’ll want something extra special to celebrate. Instead of just gifting her one beautiful bouquet of flowers, let her experience the magic of fresh blooms the entire year with a monthly flower subscription! It’s a lovely 40th birthday gift idea for daughters, mothers, sisters and lovers.

Beaded Bracelet/ Custom Made Bracelet

Celebrate her 40th birthday with a simple, yet stunning piece of jewelry. A custom beaded bracelet consists of 40 beads representing each year of her life. It’s one of the most elegant 40th birthday gift ideas for a woman.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Sister

Travel/Experience Birthday Gift

There are thousands of beautiful destinations to build a life long memory with your sister who is turning 40. Find something affordable near you. You’re young enough to have energy and stamina for those hikes along the beaches and bikes along the coasts, but old enough to appreciate a relaxing afternoon at the art gallery or vineyards.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Friend

Big Hug Blanket

You simply can’t be in a bad mood when you’re wrapped up in one of these oversized and charming BIG HUG blankets! Perfect for someone who lives too far away to hug in person, it’s cozy and warm, and they will think of you each time they cocoon themselves inside.

Drive In Movie Night in the Backyard

Rent a projector (or buy one because you’re going to want to do this again), hang a large white sheet, pop some corn, and pass around some blankets.

You’ll have a great time with friends and family as they watch his or her absolute favorite flick in your own backyard. It will be a 40th birthday to remember!


If they don’t have an e-reader by now, it’s about time! A Nook or Kindle allows them to take their books wherever they go. Night mode is the best invention to help avoid eye strain.

Backyard Games

No one loves a good backyard game more than the 40 year olds!

They’ve lived long enough to know it’s always a good time for a party, and outdoors is where it’s at. Plus it’s not too draining to travel to your own backyard for a spot of fun.

Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Plan a Destination Party

The good thing about someone turning the big 4-0 is there is plenty of time to plan an elaborate destination party!

Whether on a cruise ship, or renting a van or RV for a road trip together, this is one party they’ll never forget.

Don’t forget the selfies and the hashtags for this one.

Personalized Birthday Candle

For a creative 40th birthday gift idea, a personalized birthday candle will be the icing on a cake. Fully customizable with the recipient’s name and your choice of three mesmerizing scents, the candle features unique astrological insight about the day you or the recipient was born, including your strengths, weaknesses, star sign, element and more!

Have a 4-TEA Party

Host an elegant high tea for your 40 something gal, complete with scones and clotted cream, sophisticated blends of teas, sugar cubes, and cucumber sandwiches.

Decorate with pictures of the royal family, and even hire some string instrument players for some background music. Encourage guests to wear hats!



40th Birthday Gift Ideas