Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

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A friend is someone you can rely on, someone you can tell your secrets to, and someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. And it’s no surprise that having a close friend both male and female can be hugely beneficial.

Have a Wake

For the funniest person in your life with the best sense of humor about getting older, throw a wake!

“In loving memory of your 20s…”

Have guests dress in black, decorate with black balloons and black paper goods, play somber music, and share stories about your practically-dead loved one.

When you can’t stay serious any longer, the real party starts… Throw off the black and get down to some serious partying!

Pink Roses Bouquet For Best Friend

Gift your best friend a cute pink bouquet roses to celebrate her on her birthday. Pen handwritten happy birthday message on a card reminding her of all the fun things you shared together and why she is your bff.

Vegan Soap Set

Fill a bag or basket with all-natural bars of handmade soap scented with botanical extracts and essential oils. Wrap it all up with a pretty ribbon for a thoughtful birthday gift idea for best friend.

Have a Progressive Party

Especially if several of your friend group is turning 40 this year, why not spread the love around?

Appetizers at one home, drinks at another, dinner someone else’s, desserts at the next, and so on. It’s a fun way for everyone to get a turn playing host and hostess, and carpooling is fun too!

Better yet, hire one of the teenagers to uber you around. Designated driver and the couples can canoodle in the backseat.

Have a Picnic Under the Stars

Picnics are always fun, but have you ever had one at night?

For the romantic one in your life, try this: hang lanterns in the trees along with fairy lights or Christmas lights, spread a table with a flowing cloth, plenty of candles, and a dreamy spread of their favorite foods.

Make sure to dress warmly and bring some blankets for snuggling. Bonus points if you bring them there blindfolded for a swoon-worthy birthday surprise!

Skincare System

Give her something she wouldn’t purchase f or herself. An indulgent skincare system from Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Lancôme or Clinique is a thoughtful birthday gift idea for best friend. Add her favorite high-end hair care products for an extra surprise.

Treat Your Friend With A Beauty Gift Card

For a friend who’s the sleekest who always shows up looking like they just came from the hair salon–even when they haven’t. The perfect gift for that friend with great hair is a routine made just for them with a function  Beauty card.

Have a Cocktail Party

Play bartender (or hire one) for the night and have fun making tasty drinks for the guests.

Finger foods are a must, as is some jazz music in the background, or maybe the band Pink Martini? Schmooze and mingle till the sun comes up.

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas