1. DSW  stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse
  2. DSW  stands for Goodbye (Morse Code abbreviation)
  3. DSW  stands for Work Space (file extension)
  4. DSW  stands for Director of Social Welfare (Hong Kong)
  5. DSW  stands for Division of Surface Water
  6. DSW  stands for Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (German Foundation for World Population)
  7. DSW  stands for Disconnect Switch (various companies)
  8. DSW  stands for Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz (German protective society for securities)
  9. DSW  stands for Definition of Solid Waste (EPA)
  10. DSW  stands for Disability Sport Wales (UK)
  11. DSW  stands for Doctor of Social Work
  12. DSW  stands for Dust Storm Warning (Emergency Alert System code)
  13. DSW  stands for Dead Sea Works (Israel)
  14. DSW  stands for Disaster Service Worker (California)
  15. DSW  stands for Dienst Sociale Werkvoorziening (Dutch: Sheltered Service)
  16. DSW  stands for Direct Service Workforce (various organizations)
  17. DSW  stands for Directed Stockpile Work
  18. DSW  stands for Deutsches Sozialwerk (German: German Social Services)
  19. DSW  stands for Developmental Services Worker
  20. DSW  stands for De Sociale Werkplaats (Dutch: The Social Workplace)
  21. DSW  stands for Device Status Word
  22. DSW  stands for Data Status Word
  23. DSW  stands for Dear Sweet Wife
  24. DSW  stands for Deep South Wrestling, LLC (WWE developmental/farm league)
  25. DSW  stands for Dick Size War
  26. DSW  stands for Doctor of Social Welfare
  27. DSW  stands for Dolly Sods Wilderness
  28. DSW  stands for Divorced Separated Widowed (marital status)
  29. DSW  stands for Deutsch Schorr Waite Algorithm (garbage collection algorithm)
  30. DSW  stands for Deep Sternal Wound (infections)
  31. DSW  stands for Data Storage Workshop
  32. DSW  stands for Diesel Seawater
  33. DSW  stands for Direct Scheduled Work-order (USAF Civil Engineering)
  34. DSW  stands for Desperately Seeking Wife

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