Sweet Valentine’s Day Poems for Her

valentine-day- poem -to-my-dear-my-love-you-red-rose-wife-girlfriend

Poem is not all about rhyme alone but also a story of love from your heart.  The most beautiful, thrilling and spectacular experience in life is to experience being in love with the one your heart belongs to.

Love is indescribable…it has to be felt, yet these Sweet Valentine’s Day poems seek to express the feeling of being in love with your girlfriend or wife. Find a soothing poem from our list that matches exactly the way you feel about her.

Charming Valentine’s Day Poems for Her

1. . . I loved you long before we met

Life was gentle, there was beauty everywhere, in every moment,
Yet my heart was unfulfilled.

In a world of vast contrasts between good and bad,
I pondered on the notion of love.

My beloved, where are you? I often thought,
I would sit under the canopy of a beautiful tree.
Looking at the night sky….
I wondered if you were also looking up at the same stars,
Wondering where I was……Yet we had not met yet.

Like a warm breeze,
I met you some years later,
All I know is I loved you long before we met.

My darling, your soul fits mine,
Now my world is full of joy,

all I see is beauty around me,
And I know that love is the meaning of existence.

2. . . . Thank you for being my Valentine

Your love is like a beautiful sunrise,
In the darkness night, one awakes to the day filled with morning beauty,
All burdens from yesterday are removed,
And your serene, gracious presence remains,
Bringing hope to my heart in all that is pure, noble and good,

Your love is like a sweet piece of music,
Dancing in my heart, my mind, my soul,
In an endless symphony,

Your love is like an eloquent artistic masterpiece,
Timeless, unforgettable and forever cherished,

If I could paint your portrait,
It would reflect the beauty of the rose,

the scent of purity and the heart of tenderness
Thank you for being my valentine.

3 . . . You make my life

You make my life worth living with one smile of yours,
You are the meaning of my life,
You are in my each thought,
Loving you is not by choice,
It is a habit I don’t want to leave,
On this special day,
I just want you to believe
That I love you a lot!

4 . . . Loving You Is The Most Wonderful Th ing

I could watch the sunrise, I could watch the sunset.
I could walk in the rain without getting wet.
I could witness their beauty as the flowers bloom.
I could I could listen to bird songs as the new day dawns.
I could feel the sunshine through the darkest clouds.
I could hear a sweet whisper through the roar of a crowd.
I could walk on water without soaking my feet.
I could travel the world in less than a week.
I could ponder the knowledge passed down by the wise.
I could dwell in a castle built in the sky.
I could paint a portrait and bring it to life.
I could sleep without pain, on the edge of a knife.
I could play a sweet melody to soften the mood.
I could take all the bad and turn it to good.
I could float on the breeze, I could fly on the wind.
I could soar high in the sky, leaving the world behind.
I could travel the cosmos and watch it unfold.
I could witness its power, so wonderful to behold.
But of all the wonderful things I could do,
There’s nothing in the universe that compares to you.
I’ll hold you in my heart for the rest of my life.
You’re my living miracle, my sweet valentine.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Poem by Harry Boslem

5 . . . If I could write you in a song

If I could write you in a song,
I would find where I belong,
Your chorus would be the sweetest melody,

If I could paint a dream so true,
You would be my theme,

Without you, your smile, your touch,
There is no meaning to my life’s song,
For only in your heart is where I belong,

If I could write you in a song,
I’d write about your eyes, eyes that shine like diamonds,
With the love of all creation, embracing your tender heart,

I smile when I think of you,
And when we are apart, I can’t wait to be back in your arms,
And for our hearts to be reunited,
For you are the queen of my heart.[/alert-note]

6 . . . My love for you

My love for you cannot be measured,
It is as vast as the sky and goes on like the infinite universe.

I see you in the portrait of a sunset,
In the dance of two love birds,
And I feel you living in my heart.

My love for you is seen in my eyes, so tender and full of joy,
You are the reason my heart sings,
And you alone are my sunshine,

My darling, you are my beautiful angel,
Loving you gives my life meaning,
Never before have I felt this way,
I have met my soul mate and I am here to stay.

Every day with you is Valentine’s Day,
But on this special day I would like to say,
Thank you for my love for you,

it brings heaven’s serenity to my soul,

7. . . . You bring out the best in me

I never understood the meaning of true love,
I searched for it in a myriad of places,
Yet, I remained unsatisfied,

True love is being able to be all I was created to be,
And it is you that brings this out within me,

My soul dances in your presence and my heart is afire,
Burning with joy and devotion to you,

All that the gift of loves bestows, you have given me,
Joy, beauty, peace, comfort, and tenderness,
I found in your reflection,

You allow me to be the man I was created to be,
For you bring out the best in me.

8. . . . You are the true meaning of beauty

In a world of desire,
Beauty is often confused with appearances alone,

You reflect beauty in every aspect,
Your face is of an angel and your beauty,
Shines through your tender heart and eyes,

Your sweetness and tender warmth,
Bring joy to all around you….
My life has never been the same since meeting you,

I am a new man, deeply touched by your influence,
You have made me a better person by loving you,

Your heart touches everyone around you,
And I am blessed to call you mine,
Forever and always I will love you,

Till my last breath, all I know that it is because of you,
My heart danced with joyous gratitude through all of life’s chapters.

9 . . . Only for you

I want to make this day special for you,
I want to see a big smile,
It’s not only for today or while,
It will be forever,
I want to see you happy this way,
And let me start with my say,
That I truly love you,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 . . . If Heaven were a place

If heaven were a place,
I know where it would be,
It would be in your presence,
Shielding me from all the worlds harshness,

If heaven were a place,
I’d find it in your smile,
Reflecting warmth and security,
Knowing there’s a place I belong,

If heaven were a place,
I’d find it in my heart, united to yours

You are the lover of my soul,
Your love reflects a place,
That answers my souls call,
To feel the beauty of true love,
My heaven is you.

Valentine’s Day Poems — by Paul V.


11 . . . If I Could, I Would

If I were an Artist, I’d paint pictures of you
Upon a canvas in lovely colourful hue.

If I were a Singer, I would sing you a song,
A beautiful melody to last you lifelong.

If I were an Actress, a starlet of the stage,
I’d play my part with finesse just for you always.

If I were a Dancer, I’d dance all through the night,
Just to be in your loving arms, holding me tight.

If I were a Poet, I’d write you a sonnet
With love and romance upon every line of it.

If I were an Author, I’d write our love story
That would light up the world with star-like bright glory.

If I were a Chef, I’d prepare a tasty meal,
A Valentine’s special for my beau ideal.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Beryl L Edmonds

12 . . . Your eyes speak to me

Your eyes speaks volumes my love,
Your face tells me all,
When you hold my hand so firm,
I am not scared to fall,
But, today I want to confess,
That I love you and will always do,
Yes it’s only you,
I truly love you,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Poem to My Girlfriend

Sweet -valentine-day- poem -to-my-dear-my-love-you-red-rose-wife-girlfriend-my-babe

1. . . My Valentine

Are all roses red?
Are violets blue?
I’ll put rose pedals on the bed.
Then I’ll wait for you.
Dinner will be cooking.
I’ll put on my best clothes.
Out the window, I’ll keep looking.
But the curtains will be closed.
When you walk through the door.
I’ll greet you with a kiss.
I’ll lift you off the floor.
Since you’re tired, you won’t resist.
I’ll run you a hot bath,
With bubbles in the tub.
We’ll talk and we’ll laugh.
Then your shoulders I will rub.
Now that the mood is set.
And now you’re all mine.
There’s something I haven’t told you yet.
You’re my one and only valentine.

by Michael C. Bryant

2. . .Would You Be My Valentine?

Would you be my valentine?
I’ll give you x’s and o’s,
Heart shaped candy,
And a little rose.

Would you be my valentine
And mean everything to me?
I’ll show you anything you’d ever wanted,
Be everything you need.

Would you be my valentine
And look into my eyes?
Tell me everything you’re feeling
With nothing left to hide.

Would you be my valentine?
The world is yours and mine.
So many things I want to show you
With only one place in mind.

Would you be my valentine
And smile that gorgeous smile?
Dance the day and night away;
Get lost for a little while.

Would you be my valentine?
Making all my dreams come true
‘Cause this is your special day.
I dedicate it to you.

by Jonah S. Bounsana

3. . .My Love For You

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Music is beautiful,
And so are you.

You smell so good.
You smell so sweet.
You smell good enough to eat.

My love is for you,
For you are in my heart.
My love is for you,
My beautiful sweetheart.

So I hope
You take this poem to heart
Because I hope
That we shall never part.

Happy Valentine’s Day

by Michael Shiver

4. . . My Heart Forever

For this Valentine’s Day,
I don’t have much money,
No rings, or a car, or a special necklace.
What I instead decided to give you is something priceless.
It’s something every girl wants,
No girl seems to find,
Money can’t buy,
What some people call the meaning of life,
And what others say only God himself can award you.

What is this priceless treasure?
It’s something I can’t give any other girl in the world,
Something you cannot return,
And the only treasure you will have after you die.

When you see God at the gates to Heaven,
He will ask if you have found true love.
You will say “No, I didn’t.”
It is then he will look at you strange.
You will ask what’s wrong and he will say,
“If you didn’t find true love,
Then why do you have two hearts?”
At this time you will remember,
That it was me who gave you

My heart forever…

by Jake Casteel

5. . . A Thought True To You

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
And I love you.

Your smile is amazing.
Your beauty so true.
Your eyes shine like stars.
They will see our love through.

You’re a gift from the angels.
They made you in heaven,
The girl that I dreamed about
Since I was eleven.

You came into my life
And you turned it upside down.
You’re an absolute princess,
Worthy of more than a crown.

I promise you everything,
Everything I have to give.
I promise to love you
As long as I live.

You’re my absolute world.
You mean everything to me.
You’re perfect,
And you always shall be.

by Sean Raine

6. . . Happy Valentine’s Day

I can’t seem to get you off my mind,
And I’m sure that every time
I close my eyes your smile is what I will see,
Because happily by your side or in your arms is where I want to be.
AMAZING is one word that describes you.
FUNNY, CUTE, SMART, and SEDUCING are some others that are true.
Besides those words that got me so into you, it’s those eyes
That really got me hypnotized.
And that gorgeous smile
That makes me want to go the extra mile.
And even though we DON’T speak,
Every time I see you, I get oh so weak,
But I want to tell you how I feel
Because every time I see you it’s my heart you steal.
And besides feeling weak, I feel scared,
Because what if I tell you and for my feelings you don’t care,
So for now I’ll admire from afar,
But just know that it’s you I wish for when I see a shooting star.
Did I mention my heart melts every time you look or come my way?
But enough of that; I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

by Dominique R. Ruiz

7. . . She Is The Best

Her nature is the best.
Her smile has life.
Her eyes are full of love.
She fits in my arms as if
My arms were made for her.
Her kisses feel like heaven.
Her arms feel like home,
And the time spent with her
Is the best part of my life.
Me without her is like
The sky without stars,
A face without a smile,
Or a rainbow without colors.

by Suryavir Luthra

8 . . . To My Love (A Late Valentine)

Did I forget you, Valentine?
Did I not say, “Will you be mine?”
The words were not spoken, that is true,
And I’m very sorry I made you blue.
But you should know you are my one true love,
My angel sent from God above.
Even when we’re not together, we’re not apart,
Because you are always with me in my heart.
So I ask you now, “Will you be mine?”
Will you forever be my Valentine?

by Ray R. Elwood

9…. Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

I hope you feel Valentine’s Day
is your favorite day this year,
because the first thing I’m gonna do
is hold you tight and shed a grateful tear.

And when night comes, in your strong arms
is the only place I wanna be,
so I can feel the pulse of your loving heart,
which always sets my soul free.

And in that magic moment in time
all I want to know is
that I am yours and you are mine.

On this romantic occasion,
I hope you will feel free to enjoy US this way
and lose yourself, consumed in my love,
making this our own unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

by Linzy Bruno

10. . . I Will Always Love You

I desire you when splinters of light appear
And the dew lazily joins morning sky.
When arias, pining birds to mates sing,
I want the soothing softness of your kiss.

I desire you when the sun centers the sky
And shadows hide beneath the soles of feet.
When butterflies dance among petals white,
I want the sparkle of your smiling eyes.

I desire you as the moon welcomes the night
And skies are flooded with twinkling bright stars.
When candles flicker their last silent breath,
I then want to feel your sensuous touch.

I desire you when passion swells all your soul
And your lovely face shines with radiance.
When your moist lips are full of love’s desire,
I want to feel every pulse of your heart.

I desire you when you are weary and down
And gray skies sprinkle droplets of sad tears.
When the world laughs at your every stumble,
I want to gently sooth your sorrows.

I desire you my love in every moment.
As time adds years like sands on the beach,
When you sense your beauty slipping to the wind,
I will want you so much more than now.

by Richard M. Deets

7 Sweet Valentine’s Day Poems To My Wife

Sweet -valentine-day- poem -to-my-dear-my-love-you-red-rose-wife-girlfriend

1. . . My Valentine, my wife

Since you came into my life, my whole world has changed,
My days are brighter, and I feel there is nothing I can’t do,
There is joy and serenity,
The whole world seems more wonderful and lovely,
I have never felt such a tender, spectacular feeling in my heart,

You are always with me, in my mind,
And I never want us to be apart,
Once in a life time, heaven bestows a gift,
A beauty indescribable,
Felt only in the heart,
To describe this gift, I have no words….to honour its brilliance and my gratitude for receiving it
True love is this gift, and my gift is you,

You are the treasured loveliness, very few in this world find,
On this day of celebrating love,
I want you to know I can trust you with my life,
Thank you for being my beautiful wife.
I love you. Happy Valentine.

2. . . The Way You Make Me Feel Poem

I can’t talk to you without feeling honor.
I can’t see you without feeling wonder.
I can’t touch you without feeling pure.
I can’t feel you without wanting more.
I can’t hold you without feeling safe.
I can’t kiss you without feeling great.
I can’t miss you without feeling pain.
I can’t meet you without wanting to again.
I can’t watch you without feeling awe.
I can’t love you without feeling loved.
I can’t lay with you without feeling passion.
I can’t stay away without feeling rationed.
I can’t dream of you without sleeping soundly.
I can’t cope without you around me.
I can’t sleep without you in the bed.
I can’t be alive without feeling your breath.
I can’t think without you on my mind.
I can’t leave without feeling unkind,
But most of all,
I can’t exist without you in my life.

Happy Valentine my darling wife.

by Harry Boslem

3. . . Trying To Explain How Much I Love You

If you walked in my shoes for a day,
You’d know how I love you in such a way.

You’d share the aching of my heart
for every moment we spend apart.

You’d feel electricity when I touch your skin
and the warmth I receive from seeing you grin.

You’d see me tumble into your eyes,
how they brighten up the greyest skies.

You’d smell the sweetness of your aura,
radiating like fresh picked flora.

You’d hear how saying three simple words
is like hearing the sweetest song of birds.

If you walked in my shoes for the rest of your life,
you’d know that I’m thankful that you’re my wife.

Happy Valentine Love.

– by Steven P. Dawson

4. . . Poem About Our Love

To the love of my life,
My beautiful sweet wife,
Our lives will always be demanding,
So let’s come to an understanding.

Our love for God comes first
So our marriage won’t be cursed.
We believe in this
To live a life of bliss.

Our love for one another comes second,
For better or worse I reckon.
For richer or for poorer,
Our love has never been surer.

Our love for our kids comes third
So their future isn’t blurred.
We will teach them love
So they don’t push and shove.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Is what I want to say
And to tell you, my wife,
That you are the love of my life.

— by Joe Finger

5. . . Happy Valentine’s Day To My One True Love

Happy Valentine’s Day
To that girl who has won my heart.
Happy Valentine’s Day
To that girl with whom I’ll never part.

Happy Valentine’s Day
To that girl with that beautiful smile.
Happy Valentine’s Day
To that girl who’s like a Lily of the Nile.

Happy Valentine’s Day
To that girl who’s as soft as a dove.
Happy Valentine’s Day
To you Lisa – my one true love!

— by Tim La Rose

6 . . .Poem About Love For Wife | My Wife

Unexpectedly she entered my life,
This woman, this angel, who became my wife.

She captured my heart and soul,
Warming a place once so dark and cold.

This woman, this angel, to love and embrace,
With a gentle touch to caress her face.

Her words of love, so honest and true,
She whispers to me when the day is new.

She provides a home filled with love,
A home blessed by GOD above.

This woman, this angel, GOD would bless,
A baby to hold and gently caress.

For eternity we shall adore and love
Our baby from heaven above.

This woman, this angel, wife and mother,
I know there can be no other.

This woman, this angel, and mother; she is my life
This woman, this angel, and mother; she is my wife.

– by Rolly Reinhart

7. . . Please Be My Valentine

Please be my Valentine,
Not only on this day,
But every day throughout the year.
You’re my best friend in every way.
You are my box of Chocolates,
In each piece a sweet surprise.
You shower me with diamonds,
With the sparkles in your eyes. 
You are my Valentine candy,
With the loving words you say.
You’re like my dozen roses,
You are my heart’s bouquet. 
You touch me with a tenderness
That gently warms my heart.
You truly are my lifeblood.
I pray we’ll never part. 
You’ve given my life meaning,
Like no other throughout my life.
You always bring me comfort
When my heart is filled with strife. 
You are my ray of sunshine.
You’re truly my best friend.
Our souls are joined together
In a closeness that’ll never end.
You’ll always be my sweetheart,
Beyond the end of time.
You give me so much happiness.
Please be my Valentine.

— by Robert B. Anderson

Sweet Valentine’s Day Poems for Her

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