Sweet Valentine’s Day Poems for Her

Poem is not all about rhyme alone but also a story of love from your heart.  The most beautiful, thrilling and spectacular experience in life is to experience being in love with the one your heart belongs to. Love is indescribable…it has to be felt, yet these Sweet Valentine’s Day poems seek to express the feeling […]

Remembrance Day Poems

Touching Poems To Pay Tribute to Britain’s fallen soldiers: Remembrance Day – also known as Armistice Day – a time to commemorate individuals in the armed forces who lost their lives in the line of duty. Tribute to Britain’s fallen soldiers is often held on November 11, and the Remembrance Sunday is usually the closest […]

Dark Night Of The Soul Poem

Have you already experienced your dark night of the soul? The famous proverb “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” emphasizes that in the darkest hour of the night–symbolical for situations when all hope feels lost–darkness has reached its peak, from which it constantly gets brighter until the light starts to illuminate the world again. The […]