Prayers For The Sick

Prayers For Sick People, Child, Friend and Family: You won’t understand the privilege for one to be strong and in good health whether mentally or physically until you fall ill. One of the hardest thing in life is seeing someone we love or ourselves sick. Sickness can come in various degree — from a winter […]

Prayers For Family

Praying for our family is something we should do daily. Whether you pray for your children, your parents or close friends that you consider family, a prayer for family can have a powerful impact. With the humble act of praying, you and I become ready recipients of the wisdom, strength, and unity God is waiting […]

Morning Prayers

The mood with which we begin the day tends to colour our entire day. Morning Prayer to begin each day aligns our heart and mind in thanksgiving, humility, and love for God! We live in an uncertain world. Watch and hear bad news everyday and it’s easy to feel discouraged and afraid. But life of […]

Evening Prayers

Ending your day with prayer is a wonderful way to let go of stress and find peace before falling asleep while also connecting to God. Wake up with God, but also end your day with God in prayer. Prayer allows you to reflect on your day and express gratitude and appreciation for your life. Those […]

Prayers For The Dead

Prayerful Words for the Departed Soul and the Family of the Dead: Prayer allows us to heal and use our faith to navigate through the incredibly difficult times that losing someone brings. We hope these prayers for the dead will have helped you find some peace when dealing with the loss of someone special to […]

Prayers For Justice

Well Deserved Justice Prayers: Is someone stumbling upon you right or are you going through something unjust right now, and you need a Scriptural prayer for justice? In this posts are simple words of prayers to say to God concerning your situation. Short Prayers For Justice May we come to live in justice and peace; […]

Prayers For The Church

Prayers to Pray for Your Church: The Holy Bible is filled with reminders of how important it is to pray for one another and the church is the body of Christ. Therefore, it is important to pray for the church because it helps us to be aware of the spiritual forces at work in the […]

Prayers For Clergy And The People

Daily Prayers To Support Clergy and Other Leaders: Have you ever wondered how or why should we say prayers for the priests in our lives or how you can assist them as we navigate our way through the current situation in the world together? Then this post is for you. Saint John Vianney, the patron […]

Prayer For The Poor, Neglected And Oppressed

Praying for Those Who Have Less: How many times have you walked by a homeless person on the street begging for money or heard about someone went without a home for the night because a shelter had no more room? Poverty isn’t one size fits all and it doesn’t always look like we would expect […]

Prayers For Schools/Colleges/Universities

From teaching staff to vulnerable children, we are pleased to provide you with simple prayers for schools. The survival and success of our next generation depends on how efficient the school teachers and environments are, guardians, people in authority ( i.e. the government) and our prayers. So let us pray that God will move in […]

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