Happy Mother’s Day Quotes And Wishes For Aunt

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes And Wishes For Aunt

Best Mother’s Day Aunt Quotes And Wishes: This is a special day which celebrates the most beautiful association between a mother and her child. If you have an aunt who has always loved and cared for you like a mother? Then, this year’s Mother’s Day is time to celebrate the care your aunt gave you by sending her a Happy Mother’s Day Quote Messages for Aunt. A sweet Mother’s Day messages to your aunt will add to her feeling of love on this special Day bringing a smile to her face and heart.

Quotes For Aunt On Mother’s Day

  • “Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.” —Unknown
  • “An aunt is someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, and cherish with love.” —Unknown
  • “Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose-colored glasses.” —Unknown
  • “Aunt; like a mom only cooler.” —Unknown
  • “An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” —Sara Sheridan
  • “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” —Oprah Winfrey

Mother’s Day Quotes For Aunt

  • “The best aunts aren’t substitute parents, they’re co-conspirators. ” —Daryl Gregory
  • “Aunt ― a double blessing. You love like a parent and act like a friend.” —Unknown
  • “I smile because you’re my aunt. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” —Unknown
  • “An aunt grows more treasured as time goes by.” —Unknown
  • “An aunt is always there for all the times when you need a second mom.” —Unknown
  • “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created aunts.” —Unknown
  • “An aunt makes life a little sweeter.” —Unknown
  • “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” —Barbara Kingsolver

Happy Mothers Day Messages for Aunt

  • I’m wishing you a fabulous Mother’s Day, Aunt! You totally deserve it!
  • Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt! Wishing you beauty, a bounty of wonderful things, and some extra special moments that will make your day perfect!
  • I am so grateful to have you in my life my aunt, my confidante, my friend! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day To A Wonderful Aunt. From start to finish, here’s wishing you a day as sweet as you!
  • May your Mother’s Day be glorious! Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt!
  • Happy Mother’s Day. You’re loved by so many. I couldn’t ask for a more kind, caring and all around amazing aunt.
  • There’s just nobody out there that’s as cool as you, Auntie! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! To My Aunt, you’ve been a role model to me in so many ways. I hope you take the time to enjoy all the beauty around you today.
  • Some of the best games that I’ve ever played have been with you. The other adults were just not “that cool”. Happy Mother’s Day To My Awesome Auntie!
  • You have the sweetest sweetness about you, Auntie. I love that! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • One of the best gifts that our has ever received was the gift of you! Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt! May God forever bless you!
  • I love you dearly, Auntie! Wishes for a marvelous Mother’s Day!

Aunt Mother’s Day Card Message

  • May the blessing of God fill your Mother’s Day and your life every day! Happy Mother’s Day To A Beautiful Aunt!
  • You can’t even imagine how much you are loved. It’s SOOOOOO MUCH!!! Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt!
  • I recognize that you’re awesome. You’re my aunt and you are super in my eyes! Happy Mother’s Day With Love!
  • Sending you hugs and lots of kisses for a Mother’s Day that’s full of love and special wishes! Happy Mother’s Day, Auntie!
  • You are one of the most genuine people that I know. That’s what makes you more special than you know! Happy Mother’s Day To You, Dear Aunt!
  • We love you, Auntie! You’re a perfect part of our lives and our family! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I hope that your Mother’s Day provides you with a day of serenity, smiles, and everything special. Happy Mother’s Day, Auntie!
  • Happy Mother’s Day To A Fabulous Aunt. Beauty. Charm. Style. Grace. You’ve got it all, including a family who loves you a lot!
Happy Mother’s Day Quotes And Wishes For Aunt