Funny Animal Jokes To Make One Laugh

Funny Animal Jokes To Make One Laugh

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Hilarious Animal Q&A Jokes

Q: Why do pandas like old movies?
A: Because they play in black-and-white.

Q: Where do mice park their boats?
A: At the hickory dickory dock.

Q: What do you call an alligator with a spyglass?
A: An investigator.

Q: Where did the sheep go on vacation?
A: The Baaaahamas.

Q: What did the judge say when the skunk came into his courtroom?
A: “Odour in the court!”

Q: What day do chickens fear the most?
A: Fry-days.

Q: How do you stop an elephant from charging?
A: Take away their credit cards.

Q: Who stole the soap out of the bathtub?
A: The robber ducky.

Q: What do you get if you cross fireworks with a duck?
A: Firequackers!

Q: What has fangs and webbed feet?
A: Count Duckula.

Q: What was the goal of the detective duck?
A: To quack the case, of course.

Q: What happens when a frog’s car breaks down?
A: It gets toad.

Q: Why did the elephant stay in the airport?
A: They were waiting for their trunk.

Q: What time does a duck wake up?
A: At the quack of dawn!

Q: What did the duck say when buying lipstick?
A: “Put it on my bill.”

Q: Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building?
A: Of course. Buildings can’t jump.

Q: Did you hear about the racing snail who got rid of his shell?
A: He thought it would make him faster, but it just made him sluggish.

Q: What did one flea say to the other flea when they came out of the movies?
A: “Should we walk home or take a dog?“

Q: A pony went to see the doctor because it couldn’t speak.

A: “I know what’s wrong,” said the doctor. “You’re a little horse.”

Q: Why do cows like being told jokes?
A: Because they like being a-moosed!

Q: What’s black and white and blue?
A: A depressed zebra.

Q: Bob lost his dog today, so he put an ad in the paper.
A: Then his wife said, “What good would that do? Our dog can’t read.”

Q: What sound do porcupines make when they kiss?
A: Ouch.

Q: There were 10 cats in a boat, and one jumped out. How many are left?
A: None, because they were copycats.

Q: Why did the snake cross the road?
A: To get to the other ssssssside!

Q: Why are fish so smart?
A: Because they live in schools.

Q: How does a lion greet the other animals in the field?
A: Pleased to eat you.

Q: What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?
A: An eggroll!

Q: What do you get when you cross a snake and a pie?
A: A pie-thon!

Q: What did the buffalo say to his son when he went away on a trip?
A: Bison!

Q: What fish only swims at night?
A: A starfish!

Q: Where do polar bears vote?
A: The North Poll.

Q: What do you call a cow that won’t give milk?
A: A milk dud.

Funny Animal Jokes To Make One Laugh