Hilarious Jokes About Umbrella

funny umbrella jokes and puns

Funny Umbrella Jokes: During rainy season, umbrellas are the best buddy for all age groups of people by shielding one from being wet by the rain. Aside from being useful for rainy days, umbrellas aren’t exempted from some hilarious wet jokes. Take your time to read these puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. These are guaranteed to cause some serious giggles when there’s a sudden change in the weather.

We hope you will find these jokes about umbrellas funny enough to make kids and adults laugh. Enjoy!

Funny Jokes About Umbrellas

Q: What do you call a parrot with an umbrella on a rainy day?
A: Polly unsaturated.

Q: What goes up in the sky when the rain comes down?
A: An umbrella.

Q: Why does Snoop dog need an umbrella?
A: Fo’ Drizzle.

Q: Why did the umbrella go to the doctor?
A: It was feeling slightly under the weather.

Q: What do you call a parrot with an umbrella?
A: Polly unsaturated.

Q: Why do people in cities often carry umbrellas?
A: Because umbrellas can’t walk.

Q: Why would you want a chicken proof umbrella?
A: To use when the weather is fowl.

Q: Why does Santa have a really big umbrella?
A: Because of all the rain, dear…

Q: When does a detective carry an umbrella?
A: When he’s under cover…

Q: What sort of pub should you take an umbrella to?

A: An Isobar.

Q: What do you call Paddington without an umbrella?
A: A drizzly bear.

Q: Why did the man put his umbrella away and open his wallet?
A: He was hoping for some change in the weather.

Q: When can 3 elephants stand under 1 umbrella and not get wet?
A: “When it’s not raining.”

Silly Umbrella Jokes

“I’m so wet!” my girlfriend yelled. “Give it to me right now!”
But I didn’t care how many times she asked, she wasn’t getting my umbrella.

I’m sick of tired of people soaking my floor with their wet umbrellas when they come over to visit.
I think it’s time to make a stand.

Q: What’s the difference between my wife and an umbrella?
A: Only one of them gets wet

Other Umbrella Jokes

On my way to my wedding I got caught in a rain shower and my dress was ruined.
I tried to file a claim with insurance but they said I didn’t have an umbrella policy.

An economist friend told me to put something away for a rainy day. I’ve gone for an umbrella.

I don’t trust umbrellas.
They’re shady.

Hilarious Jokes About Umbrella