Modern Christian Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

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List of Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

Abby — My father is elated

Anthony — Highly praiseworthy

Arne — Powerful like an eagle

Baruch — One who has been blessed

Bryce — Born of a nobleman, ardent and strong

Carl — A man free of all burdens

Cephas — Pebbles

Carlton — A settlement of free men or peasants

Cullen — Son born of a holy person

Dale — The one who dwells in a valley

Dasan — A devotee of God

Edwin — An extremely valued friend

Ellen — One who is courageous

Felex — One who is very fortunate and happy

Gabe — The bravest man of God

Gabriel — Strong and powerful

Gian — Extremely knowledgeable

Hanan — One who is merciful and compassionate

Hank — A merciful ruler of God

Isaac — One who brings laughter and joy to our lives

Ivan — A precious gift of God

Jobin — Excellent and brilliant

Joel — Due to the willingness of God

Joshua — Generous


— A warrior’s son

Kasper — The one who bears a treasure

Kilmer — Extremely loving and caring

Leo — Very brave-hearted

Liam — Helmet of will

Louis — A highly renowned warrior

Lucas — A torch-bearer

Malcolm — A disciple of a renowned saint

Melvin — A protector and friend

Monty — One who has come from a rich man’s mountain

Nadav — Nobel

Neil — A champion of clouds

Nigel — A champion of the dark cloud

Othneil — The powerful strength of God

Paulson — Son of Paul

Phoenix — A fictional bird that burns itself alive, only to be reborn again

Pious — Holy or divine

Rex — Almighty or King of the Universe

Samuel — The name of a King in the Bible

Solomon — Peaceful

Shawn — Graciously given by God

Steven — One who has been crowned

Theo — A precious gift of God

Tison — One who is highly spirited

Udeh — Praise

Uriel — Light of God

Yaphet — Handsome

Yaron — Singing

Vincent — The victorious one or the one who conquered

Wyatt — One with a courageous mind in a battle

Wilber — Extremely bright and willing

Zain — Brilliant and happy

Zephaniah — Extremely valued and treasured by God

Zaccheo — The One God Remembers

Zed — God is Fair

Zion — A Sign

Modern Christian Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings