Funny Alpaca Jokes

Are you dying to start an alpaca farm? Well, we do have some jokes for you! Alpaca and llamas are very similar to look at, and the easiest way to tell them apart is by their ears, alpaca have pointed, spear shaped ears while llama have ears shaped more like bananas; also llamas are twice […]

Funny Ant Jokes for Big Laughs Free

Take a break from everyday serious work topic and give yourself a good laugh with these Hilarious Ant Questions and Answers Jokes that we have put together. Here are some of the funniest ant jokes and ant puns you will find on the web. Funny Ant Jokes Q&A Q: Why was the baby ant confused? A: Because all […]

Funny Zebra Jokes

Best Zebra Jokes Questions And Answers,  Zebra Puns Instagram, Zebra One Liners: This page is all about zebras from funny zebra joke black with white stripes, funny zebra joke book jamboree, funny zebra joke barcode, funny zebra joke baby . Take your time to read these puns and riddles where you ask a question with […]

Funny Fall Jokes

Looking for funny fall questions and answers jokes? Compiled in this post are some good playful fall Jokes for kids, clean autumn jokes for kids and hilarious fall Q&A jokes for friends. These funny jokes about autumn are perfect for the season. Enjoy! Funny Fall Q&A Jokes Q: What did the tree say to autumn? A: […]

Funny Jokes About Yak

Funniest Yaks Jokes of All Times: A small collection of some good humorous Yak acts, Yak puns and one-liners, an classic Questions and Answers jokes about Yak from over the years. You can use these Yak jokes during fun game night with your friends, share on Facebook, Twitter and more. Pun For Yak Yak Friday […]

Funny Ape Jokes For Laughs

For lots of laugh for animal lovers these monkey puns are so ape-solutely funny, they are perfect when monkeying around with your prime-mates. Hilarious Ape Jokes To Make You Laugh Q: Do Apes kiss?A: Yes, but never on the first date! Q: What do they feed a gorilla when he goes to Paris?A: Ape Suzettes! […]

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