April Fools’ Day Memes, Messages, Quotes

April Fools’ Day Memes, Messages, Quotes

Funny Memes For Happy April Fools’ Day Messages: Today is April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day. April 1st has always been a day of jokes, pranks and fun all about playing hoaxes, jokes and pranks and then jumping up and yelling “April Fool”!

Almost everyone both old and the young are excited over the April Fools’ Day. To help you, we have come up with amazing April Fool Memes, Messages and Quotes collections  that are simply awesome to share with friends, family and make them smile or even laugh!!

Funny Happy April Fools’ Day Memes

#1. When you confessed to your crush at 1 April so you can say April Fool if she/he rejected you.

When you confessed to your crush at 1 April so you can say April Fool if she/he rejected you.

#2. Who needs April Fools when your whole life is a joke?

Who needs April Fools when your whole life is a joke?

#3. The gay master fools joke

The gay master fools joke

#4. Who’s the fool now?

fools day joke prank

#5. Squinty Eye fools meme Joke 

Squinty Eye fools Joke

#6. April fools dying memes joke

April fools dying memes joke

April Fools Day Text Messages Over Phone

  • You are extremely important and essential for my existence…..I cannot imagine living even one single day without you….. You are my life and just cannot imagine my life without you….. Oops, don’t think I am talking about you as I was talking about Oxygen which is so much essential.
  • According to a research, it has been proved that only fools use their thumb to read a SMS…. Now don’t try using your finger as it is very late and you have proved that you belong to their category….. Wishing you a very Happy Fools’ Day my foolish love!!
  • My love, you are the one who is the most stylish of all….. you are the one who is most intelligent and smart of all….. you are the one who is most desirable of all….. and I am the one who is responsible for spreading such stupid rumours….. With love, Happy Fools’ Day!!!
  • You will always be a sweet smile on all faces….. You will be a sparkle to all eyes….. You will be a water to the river….. You will be the snow to the mountains and you will be the brother to all the beautiful girls out there….. Happy Fools’ Day to you my darling!!
  • When you are surrounded with darkness, when all the light has faded away….. it is time to check that whether you have paid your electricity bill or not….. And if you have then let’s celebrate 1st April as your birthday!!!
  • Since the day I have met you, I have realized that your smile is a million dollars and your heart is a trillion dollars….. I just wanted to ask you that can I sell you are worth a lot of money….. With this funny joke, I wish you a very Happy Fools’ Day my love.
  • A heart is just yours….. a heart that beats just for you…. a heart that is alive for you….. a heart that would always be yours…. It is very much your own heart my love which will stay with you today and forever….. Wishing you a very Happy Fools’ Day.
  • If someone calls you a fool, don’t lose your temper….. if someone calls you a monkey, don’t give him a reaction….. if someone calls you stupid, just stay quiet….. but if someone calls you smart and handsome, don’t miss to slap that fellow…. Happy Fools’ Day…. LOL
  • You know why I love you so much because you have the power to prove me wrong….. every time I think no prank can be successful on you but every time every prank turns out to be a success…. To the most foolish but most lovable boyfriend, Happy Fools’ Day love!!!
  • When you see no one around, when there is just darkness around you, when you feel you are alone….. come to me and I will take care of you…. I will take you to the eye specialist….. Wishing you a very Happy and funny Fools’ Day my dear.

April Fools Jokes for Boyfriend

“Whenever I see you, my heart says fool, fool instead if lubdub. April fool.”

“As time passed by between us, I realized I never met a person life you before” A fool”. April fool”

“I like your romance, you love, your passion, also your foolishness. April fool.”

“You are a funny, obsessed, over-caring, and loving. Now read just the first alphabets. Fool.”

Fools Day Messages for Couples Over Phone

Text Him/Her That You’re Outside His/She House To Surprise Him/Her!: When your partner finally gets out or down, text him/her – ‘Just kidding!’

Tell Him His Ex Called You Up:

Men are always wary about their present girlfriend meeting their ex. They just don’t want the complaints to get worse. Cook up a lie about how his ex called you and told you she wants to meet. Then witness his confused reaction. Though, do break it to him that it’s just a April fool prank over phone before he goes and texts his ex!

April Fools Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance

“No matter how far we are, my heart will always say” you are the biggest fool” April fool”

“Miles cannot separate us. My feelings will never change for you. You were a fool and be a fool for ever.”

April Fools’ Day Quotes

  • “We fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living” — Stephen King
  • “A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool” — Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
  • “Some people can’t be fooled on April Fools’ Day because they were fooled too many times during their entire lifetime” — Akash B Chandran
  • “Reader, if you wrest my words beyond their fair construction, it is you, and not I, that are the April Fool” — Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia
  • “I’m not a fan of April Fools’ Day. I can take a joke; I just don’t want to BE the joke” — Stewart Stafford

April Fools’ Day Memes, Messages, Quotes