Hindu Happy Birthday Wishes In English

Happy Birthday Prayers in Hindu

Hindu Birthday Messages In English: There are many ways to celebrate friends, co-workers, anyone in your personal or professional circle or even relatives on their birthday. But it becomes difficult if you have to wish them in Hindu way. Panic not! these Happy Birthday Wishes/Prayers/Messages in Hindu will guide you and surely make them feel special and blessed on their special day. You can send Hindu birthday wishes as a text message (SMS) or on a card.

Happy Birthday Wishes/Prayers in Hindu

  • May Maa Durga bless you with prosperous life and may you get whatever you want. Happy birthday to you!
  • May the almighty lord Krishna from the heaven shower happiness and love upon you on this special day of yours. Happy birthday dear ……………… (eg. Friend, brother)!
  • Today I would like to thank Lord Ganesha for blessing me with a ……………… (eg. Brother, friend, lover) like you. Happy birthday dear!
  • I pray to God Vishnu to fulfill all your desires today and make you the luckiest person on earth. Happy birthday!
  • This is not just a special day for you, but it is also a special day for me as well as you my dear ……………… was born today. I sincerely thank lord Shiva for the same. Jai ho! Happy birthday!
  • May Lord Hanuman be there for you always and help you cross the hard times in life with much patience and power. Happy birthday!
  • I truly want to thank God Ganesha today for blessing me with a friend like you. Yes, you are truly a blessing and this message is to let you know how special you are! Be the way you are, always. Happy birthday!
  • May Lord Hanuman be always there to protect you from evil eyes of the bad people! Have a happiest birthday ever.
  • May lord Ganesha bestow his blessing on you and fulfill all your wishes in life. Have a great birthday dear!
  • May this birthday be the most memorable one so far, and may Lord Ganesha bless you with more such happy days in your life. Happy birthday to you.
  • May Hanuman ji bless you with patience, power and wisdom to you today and may you be able to cross the entire ocean of problems in a jiffy just like he did. Happy birthday!
  • Not just this day, but I pray to Maa Durga that you always smile and be blessed with happiness no matter what! You are really special to me. Happy birthday!
  • May Lord Kanha bless you with the charisma, charm and beauty so that you meet the love of your life real soon. Happy birthday!
  • May lord Ganesha bless you with endless wisdom and power that will help you be winner in life. Happy birthday!
  • My sincere wishes to Goddess Laxmi to gift you infinite wealth and prosperity on your birthday. Happy birthday!
  • On this special day of yours, I pray to Lord Krishna to bless you with love and luck in life. Happy birthday to you dear friend!
  • I pray to God Shiva to fill your life with love, luck and joy. Happy birthday!
  • May this day be the best day with infinite moments of joy and may God Ganesha bless you with more and more happiness. Happy birthday!
  • I am sad that I cannot come to see you on your birthday but I sincerely pray to God Shiva to be with you at every step and take care of you, Happy birthday ……………. !
  • May Lord Shiva
    give you strength and adherence
    to overcome any difficulties
    you face in your future endeavors!
    Wish you a very happy birthday
  • Gods and Goddesses shall bless your soul
    with health, wealth and prosperity.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • Your birthday shall be
    as joyful as Lord Ganesha is
    when he is offered laddoos.
    May you be blessed with joy forever.
    Happy birthday.
  • I pray to Lord Vishnu
    to bless you with wisdom and knowledge.
    Wishing the best of health on your birthday.
  • May Goddess Saraswati
    bestow her blessings on you
    and make you climb ladder
    of success pretty soon.
    Happy birthday friend.
  • Lord Ganesha may bless you
    with happiness on your special day
    and fill your day with surprises.
  • May your soul brighten up
    with joy and your day
    is filled with blessings.
    Happy birthday.
  • May God provide you
    a prosperous and healthy life
    and you shall never face
    any difficulties in life.
    Happy birthday dear.
  • Not only this special day
    but all your coming years
    be blessed with bundle of joy
    and happiness.
    Lords bless you.
    Happy birthday.
  • Goddess Lakshmi will pour blessings
    of wealth and happiness
    and never shall you taste defeat
    in your endeavors.
    Happy birthday.
  • Your prayers and devotion
    shall prove a blessing to you
    as Gods will be showering
    their best upon you.
    Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Hindu Friend

  • Blessing people by taking God’s name on their birthday not only makes them feel special and happy, but it also provides soul-peace and inner strength to them. So, scroll below for some samples of hindu birthday wishes if you want to send warmest greetings to your Hindu friends.
  • Just like Lord Vishnu
    made the pandavas win the big war,
    may you too be blessed by him
    to win over any adverse situation in life.
    A very happy birthday friend.
  • Lord Krishna will give you
    the charm and glamour that you need.
    A very happy birthday to my dear mate.
  • May you always be as joyous
    and happy as Lord Ganesha.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • May the vighna-vinashak
    remove all hurdles from your life.
    Wishing a very happy birthday Son.
  • My birthday gift for you is
    an idol of Lord Hanuman to shower strength
    and valor to overcome
    any grief or sorrow in life.
    Happy birthday dear.
  • May Lord Krishna enrich your life
    with all the blessings.
    Happy birthday.
  • May Lord Shiva bring joy,
    peace and love in your life
    and wish you best of wishes.
    Happy birthday.
  • Lord Hanuman shall give you
    power to overcome any hurdles of life.
    A very happy birthday friend.
  • Hope your birthday is
    as wonderful as you are.
    God bless you with his blessings.
  • May each God and Goddess
    share their blessing with you
    and you shall have a wonderful birthday.
  • I pray to God Almighty
    to clear your paths of any obstacles
    and double your blessings.
    Happy birthday.
  • May your troubles be eradicated
    just like Gods fight demons and truth triumphs.
    Happy Birthday.
  • Let Goddess Shakti
    bestow her powerful blessings on you
    so that you can conquer any hurdles
    or obstacles in your life.
  • May Gods be with you this day
    and every coming day of the year
    and shower their blessings upon you.
    Happy birthday.
  • May Lord Shiva’s strength
    and Lord Ganesha’s calmness
    keep you sound and cool
    even in adverse situations of life.
    Happy birthday.

Hindu Happy Birthday Messages

  • May you express gratitude
    to God on your birthday.
    Wishing you best of His blessings.
  • May you be given
    the spirit of lasting joy by Lord Ganesha.
    It would be even more wonderful on your birthday.
  • Prayer to Gods would bring peace
    love and prosperity in your life.
    Lord Rama blesses you with all.
  • Lord Rama bestows his power
    and valor upon you to keep you
    surviving even in the worst of situations.
    Happy B’day!
  • God is the one who knew
    you were about to be born.
    So let’s thank him for bringing you amongst us.
    Happy birthday.
  • I am praying to Lord Krishna
    to fill your life with love on your birthday.
  • May you be filled with
    God’s love of brightness.
    It was favorite blessing of Lord Ganesha
    to give you birth in our family.
    Happy birthday son.
  • May you live as lively
    as Lord Ganesha or as Lord Krishna.
    Both were charming and cute in their childhoods.
  • Wishing you a great birthday.
    There’s no better gift than
    God’s well wishes and blessings.
    Happy birthday friend.
  • May you be blessed
    by your creator
    and all the God’s blessings be with you.
  • Your birthdays may come
    and go but Lord Shiva’s blessings
    will be everlasting.
  • I am praying to Goddess Kali
    to eradicate any evil from your life
    and make your days even more joyful.
    Happy birthday.
  • May Goddess Saraswati
    bestow you with life’s wisdom
    and provide you with intelligence.
    Happy birthday.
  • Lord Hanuman shall empower you
    with blessings to make you win the world.
    A very happy birthday friend.
  • Blessed soul be yours
    by the well wishes of Lord Rama.
    May He provide you strength and valor.
    Happy birthday.
  • May Lord Ganesha give you
    the will power to overcome
    any hurdle and achieve your goals easily.
    Happy B’day!
  • With the blessings of Gods and Goddesses,
    you may never find yourself
    stuck in any circumstance.
    You shall have a very peaceful life.
    Happy birthday.
  • May the coming years
    be as fruitful as God sent wishes.
    Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • A whole lot of love,
    care and blessings from Gods on your birthday.
  • The devotion of Lord Hanuman
    be in you and you shall be blessed
    with Lord Rama’s best wishes too.
    Happy birthday to a beautiful person.
  • Lord Rama spent 14 years in exile
    but his courage & patience
    helped him passing through all the difficulties.
    May you be also blessed with such courage & patience,
    to strike off all the hurdles you come across in your life.
    Happy birthday.
  • Hope Lord Krishna fills your day
    with peaceful moments and you can feel
    how special you are to God
    and the people in your life.
    Happy birthday.
  • May the troubles be less
    and blessings be more.
    May you be blessed with
    God’s best wishes and more.
    Happy birthday.
  • May Gods bless you
    and guide you throughout the year.
    Have a blasting celebrations on your birthday.
Hindu Happy Birthday Wishes In English

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