Subscription or Membership Cancellation Letter Sample

Subscription or Membership Cancellation Letter Sample

Cancellation Letter is used to terminate Subscription or Membership agreement. To terminate a subscription can come in various forms; the ‘unsubscribe from all subscriptions’ online is the simplest form. The other method is via writing a formal letter or email to the parties involved. By sending a letter, misunderstandings can be avoided, and the Sender will have written evidence of the request, which may be useful if there is a subsequent dispute.

In this article are Samples of Cancellation/Subscription Letter that can be used to terminate membership (such as to a gym, library or club) or subscriptions ( such as magazine or insurance policy). You can copy and make necessary modifications to any of the sample letter to meet your needs.

Request Letter for Cancellation Of Subscription

Date: __/__/____ (Date)From,
_____________ (Name of the subscriber),
_____________ (Address)
Subject: Cancellation of the subscriptionDear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring in your notice that my name is _____________ (Name of the subscriber), and my address is _____________ (Address). I have subscribed to your ___________ (online classes / magazines / newspaper / mention the services subscribed) on _____________ (Date) worth ____________ (Mention the amount) for ________ (one month/year).

I hereby request you to cancel the above subscription because ____________ (not required/ service issue/no free time/not able to manage time/others).

_________________ (Name of the Subscriber),
_________________ (Contact details)

Enclosed: _________ (supporting documents)

Cancellation Letter for Subscription or Membership

____________________ Sender’s Name,
____________________ Sender’s ID card number,
____________________ Sender’s Address

Date: ____________________

____________________ Receiver’s Name,
____________________ Receiver’s Designation,
____________________ Receiver’s Address.


RE: Cancellation of Subscription

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to cancel my subscription/membership with ________ (“Subscription”). My relevant details are as follows:

Reference: ________

I hereby cancel my Subscription/Membership with immediate effect.

I have enclosed a cancellation fee in the amount of $________ (________).

Please refund the remaining balance on my Subscription in the amount of $________ (________). Payment can be made as follows: ________


Yours faithfully,


_______________________ [Writer’s Signature]

_______________________ [Writer’s Name]

Subscription or Membership Cancellation Letter Sample