Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Someone Special


Sending happy birthday wishes and messages for someone special can be challenging for anyone. And that special someone could be your family members, friends, and loved ones.

For your special someone’s Birthday, you will always need a heart touching birthday wishes to start your conversation; write on a greeting card like a traditional way or send it on social networks like Facebook and Whatsapp, which brings the joy in the faces of those receiving. It’s the best way to let the person know that you care and you are happy because it’s his or her Birthday.

tealsmiles.com have compiled the most beautiful heart touching birthday wishes for your loved ones below.

50 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

  1. Even if I had only spent a second with you, it would have been enough to understand why you are one the most special people to have walked on this earth. You have truly made the world a better place, in your own very special way. Happy birthday!
  2. Congratulations on your day, and have a great time because such a special person deserves a phenomenal birthday. Happy Birthday!
  3. You don’t know how glad I am to be with you on a day like this, to make you smile and remind you that you are a magnificent being. I hope you enjoy every moment and never forget how much I love you. Happy Birthday!
  4. You don’t know how much you mean to me. You are one special person in my life that I want to be with all time in every life. Love you and always. Wishing you an awesome rocking birthday!
  5. You remember the old time that how we used to dance together in rain when it came. I miss those days and you too. Wishing you loveliest birthday to my very special person in the world!
  6. Between you and me, fights will always be there and so as love too. Wishing you gorgeous birthday my love!
  7. Wishing you a joyous happy birthday. Without you I could not be anything. Love to best sister/brother from other best sister/brother. Wishing you a best happy birthday!
  8. You have been my light, in the darkest of hours. You have been there and believed in me when even I had given up on myself. You have helped me more than humanly possible. And for that, I thank you. Happy birthday!
  9. My dear, you are the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last before I go to bed. You truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday!
  10. Without you, I don’t know where I would be right now as a person. You have been my guide in this life, for many years now. You have helped me more than I could ever possibly have hoped for. So, thank you, and happy birthday!
  11. May God forever shelter you. I wish what you want to achieve, you get success in that. All life and every birth become happy for you. Wishing you lovely happy birthday brother!
  12. It is so much nice of you that you give me a job in your company and has taught me all. Without my experience you believe in me. Thank you. Wishing happy birthday boss!
  13. Your kindness is your strength. You have no ego. You understand everyone equal and respect all. Wishing you happiest birthday boss!
  14. Words are not enough to express the happiness I am feeling right now. It is the most special day of the most special person in the world! Happy birthday!
  15. A birthday is one of the most special days in someone’s life. This is why this makes the day even more special because the birthday is yours! Happy birthday!
  16. How quickly time passes, because only yesterday you were a baby, and today I see you as a whole man. I am thrilled to see you grow and be by your side to accompany you and give you all my love. Congratulations, treasure!
  17. Such a day as today, several years ago, you came into my life to cheer her up and teach me mother’s love. Since then, you have been my reason for living, and nothing makes me happier than being at your side and celebrating your birthday with you. Congratulations, son!
  18. Happy Birthday! May God gives you a fantastic day and allows you to be surrounded by all those you love most, so you can have an unbeatable birthday. I send you a hug.
  19. It is because of you, I’m successful. It is all because of your teachings and what you taught us. So much respect to you madam (teacher). Wishing you lovely xth birthday!
  20. Happy birthday my love. You are the only girl in my life and I only want to have you. Wishing you all the starriest happy birthday!
  21. You don’t understand how special you are to me. You are one of those persons in my life that I owe with my whole heart trust you. Wishing you the best birthday ever.
  22. I am sending you my best wishes, and my endless love. Because this is what special people like you deserve. Happy birthday!
  23. How happy it makes me know that, today, you add one more year to your life and that happiness becomes even more significant when I remember that I will be with you to celebrate it. Congratulations!
  24. I sincerely hope, that this day, is as special as you are. And I promise, that I am going to everything I can, for that hope to become a reality. It is the least I can do for someone as special as you. Happy birthday!
  25. The amazing thing about you is that you have given back to the world way more than you have received, without ever asking anything in return. Thus, on behalf of the world, I thank you for being so special. Happy birthday!
  26. Life never gonna be easy. But with you, it always feels comfortable. I wish you my husband a warm hug and loveliest birthday to you. May our bond never get broken!
  27. I’d like to remind you, that on this special day that is your birthday, there is much more than just feeling old. It is the day where you remind not only others but also yourself, what a special person you are. Happy birthday!
  28. I don’t know what the definition of best friend. But I know you are the only person that always stand firm with my whatever situation come. I love you. Wishing you a rocking happy birthday!
  29. It is you that always save me from trouble. It is you only that took me to parks, zoos and all the beautiful gardens. So much respect to you …………. and happy birthday!
  30. Today, I woke up with my heart racing and with a smile that does not erase, because I remembered that it is the birthday of a beautiful person. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  31. I cannot conceive a life without you by my side, because every second and every minute of every hour, my greatest desire is to be with you. Happy Birthday, love!
  32. If they allowed me to make a wish, I would ask to be by your side forever, for nothing makes me happier than to share with you beautiful and memorable moments. Happy Birthday!
  33. Being by your side is my most enormous fortune, especially on those important dates like the one we celebrate today. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I’m lucky to have you.
  34. Today I want to see you blow the candles on your cake and share with your family and friends that great joy that you spread to us day after day. I hope you have a happy birthday and can always be there to celebrate with you. Happy Birthday!
  35. We have prepared a fantastic day for you because it is your birthday and you deserve it. We hope you enjoy our surprise and have a first birthday. Congratulations!
  36. You are my life and all the funny anecdotes that you make, I like them all. I wish you loveliest happy birthday my cute son. I’m forever for you!
  37. I still remember kites flying with you in our childhood. On terrace we used to see colorful cute birds, our favorite pass time friend. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday!
  38. For this special day, of this very special person, I can only say one thing. I truly hope that every single one of your dreams come true because you deserve it. Happy birthday!
  39. If I could take only one person with me on a journey to the other side of the universe to stay forever, it would have been you. Because with you, I’ve never managed to get bored my entire life. Thank you, for making my days filled with so many memories.
  40. No one could be like as a daughter could be for her parents. Wishing you all the love, blessings, prayers and happy birthday to you! You’re our very nice daughter!
  41. Those soil houses that we loved to make, and those evenings spent in seeing sun setting. I still love those moments and you too my girl. My love and happy birthday to you. So many kisses and hugs to you!
  42. You remember those days when we both used to come from school together licking ice cream. Wishing you happiest birthday my dear sister. Love you and here is your favorite ice cream!
  43. Nothing a day passes when I don’t remember you or don’t need you. You are my universe my wife. You are my all. Loving you infinite and wishing you awesome birthday!
  44. When mother is not for us, you for all of us. You take care of us in every way and love in every way. You are a rock star aunty. Wishing you all the warmth, respect and happiest birthday!
  45. I wish your every wish gets fulfilled. None you get denied of. I wish our bond always remain strong and firm. Wishing you a rocking happy birthday my cousin brother!
  46. We want to wish you a very warm and with so much respect happy birthday to you …………… You are everything for us. We always adore you. Happiest birthday to our best ………………!
  47. You do everything for us. You understand us very well. You never complain of anything. We love you …………………. immensely. Wishing you with warmth and respect a lovely happy birthday!
  48. Waking up next to that beautiful face of yours has given me all the strength I need to get through the day. You are the best thing to ever set foot in my life. Happy birthday!
  49. Your birthday should be renamed to international smile day because there is nobody in this world that has met you and you have not made them smile. That is why you are truly special. Happy birthday!
  50. If this day was an object, it would be a door, leading to new adventures, new challenges, that you now face, more special than ever! Happy birthday!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Special Someone Far Away

  1. Though far away you are but near in my heart. I miss and remember you every day. Without you spending days are impossible. I wish you my love and hugs and happy birthday wife!
  2. Mum, why you go so far land teaching there? We always miss you. We could not live without you. Come back. I’m missing you. So much love and happy birthday!
  3. It doesn’t matter how many times in a day we talk. But whenever we talk, we talk deep and soulful. Love you my love. Wishing you loveliest birthday with so many kisses and hugs!
  4. We are united for infinite time and in every birth we would be together. Our love would be worshipped. Wishing you awesome crazy birthday my beautiful!
  5. I find it hard to believe that I can’t be by your side to celebrate your birthday with you. However, from a distance, I want to send you all my love and my good wishes, because no matter I can’t see you, I will always keep you in mind. Happy Birthday!
  6. Father, come back soon. We miss you. Why you always have to go outside to work? We miss you every day. We miss our long drive. Please come back soon. Happiest birthday father!
  7. I miss our chess game with you grandpa. Why you have gone so far in foreign county. It is not tolerable. Come and we play again. Wishing you heartiest birthday grandpa!
  8. When we go so far, farther and farther away; we grow more in love with sweet pain. I love you wherever you are. Wishing you happiest birthday my love!
  9. Those sweets I still miss granny. And you combed my hairs, you remember? I miss your filial touch. I again want to sleep in your lap. Happy birthday to my most adorable grandma!
  10. I miss your pampering. I miss how you used to comb my hairs. I miss those long walks. I really miss you. Please come soon. Wishing you loveliest happy birthday my husband!
  11. Today I am far, but only physically, because my spirit is with you and accompanies you on this special date. I ask God to grant you a long life and to allow me to be with you soon to spend unforgettable moments. Happy Birthday!
  12. The first time I met you it feels like I have found my whole world. My universe is you. Come soon. I’m waiting for you. Love you. Wishing you happiest birthday my lovely wife!
  13. How many times we get separated and how many times we met. We are written in each other’s destiny. Miss you my girl. Come quick and come soon. Happiest birthday love!
  14. Relationship is not about only sharing good and love moments. It is more about knowing each other’s vulnerable side. I miss you lovely. Happy birthday!
  15. I don’t know and understand that such turns would come in our life, that it would take you far away from me. It is so painful. Come. And happy birthday with love my star!
  16. I miss as we used to fight and quarrels. It feels almost impossible to eat without you and passing a single day. I intensely miss you. Happy birthday my dearest love!
Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

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