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Friends are those who always there for you in your bad times. Thinking of what to write on your friendship status for all social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These Friendship Status For Facebook, Friendship Status For Twitter, Friendship Status on Snapchat, Friendship Status For WhatsApp and Friendship Status For Instagram will illustrate your feelings toward your pals and will help you to realize the importance of friendship when used on your profile.

Best Friendship Status

Friends too hurt live love, but mine doesn’t.

Friendship does not ask for any favor in return of doing something.

Hey friend miss you these days. You are so imp for me.

Hey, happy friendship day to you forever!

I am available for you all the time, call me or ping me.

I am not a bad person, only have an uncompromised attitude.

I am your best friend you can call me anytime for anything.

I know ur a friend who will never live me even in dark.

If you have no alternate then call me will be there for you.

Maybe I’m not ur best friend, but you can disturb me anytime.

Friendship Status in English

Missing you a lot, come back soon to rock together

My service is available for my friends round the clock.

Never feel you are alone, I’m there for you even when you don’t want me.

Never feel you don’t have friend when I am there.

Thanks for being my friend and making me smile

The best definition of friendship You + me =Friends

Ur friendship has filed live in me again! Thanks for that.

You and me share 100 percent pure and unbreakable friend bond.

You are my best friend and I love you the most.

You know all about me and still love me. Thanks

Friendship Status