Christian Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

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List of Awesome Christian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Aaron — Sea or water

Adrian — A person with paramount strength

Alby — A city surrounded by white hills

Abner — Father of Light

Benett — Honourable or blessed

Brion — Strong and honourable

Collin — A creative person

Cyril — Majesty or King

Dylan — One who wins over people’s minds

Eliphaz — An endeavour of God

Eliot — A firm believer in God

Eric — A ruler of peace

Ethan — Strong and powerful

Felix — A fortunate person

Feivel — God Assists

Fergus — A person of great strength

Filbert — Extremely bright, brilliant

Gerard — Strong-hearted or brave-hearted

Harold — Ruler of the army

Hughe — Heart, mind and spirit

Hadrian — Dark

Hyman — Life

Ian — A name that means ‘God is merciful and gracious’

Itzak — Laughter

Irvin — Colour of peace, a beautiful white colour

James — Supplanter

Jerrod — Down to Earth

Jude — A disciple of Jesus

Kev — Extremely gentle and caring

Kedem — Old, Ancient

Kian — Royal, a majestic King

Luke — A biblical name; Luke was one of the authors of the New Testament

Manuel — In possession of great power, strong

Nathan —  Gift of God

Nicholas — The victory of people

Noah — Consolation

Othello — Very rich and prosperous

Phelan — Joyful by nature

Phil — A good friend, one who loves horses

Reuel — Friend of God

Radwan — Delight

Rian — A ruler of people

Ryan — Little King or Illustrious

Simon — A patient listener

Sachiel — Angle of Water

Sean — A name that means ‘Lord is gracious and merciful’

Ted — A precious gift of God

Ulrick — A very high-born ruler

Vidor — Very cheerful and joyous

Vincent — Conquering

Vivan — Full of life, energetic

Walter — A powerful warrior

Wilfred — A pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity

Wynn — Holy, fair and blessed one

Xavier — Extremely bright and helpful

York — From the farm

Zacharias — Someone the Lord has thought about or favoured

Zane — Gift from God

Zebedee — In abundance

Zeph — Extremely precious to the Lord

Christian Baby Names For Boys With Meanings