Boy Baby Names That Means Fire

Gender Neutral Baby Names That Means Fire

Congratulations on you new bundle of joy! Are looking for a unique baby name that will spark people’s interest? If you think your newborn is bound to have a personality that will light up a room, or you want them to carry the flame of your family’s name, consider the most popular boy child names that means fire.

List of Boy Baby Names That Mean Fire

Aarush — A name of Indian origin, this fiery baby name means “first rays of the sun.”

Admani — A Sanskrit word that means “flames” or “burning fire.”

Agni — This word has Sanskrit origins and means “fire.”

Aiden  — An Irish name that means “little and fiery.”

Anala — This Hindi name means “fire.”

Anatole — This Greek name means “rising of the sun.”

Aodh — A Gaelic name meaning “fire.”

Apollo — After the Greek god of the sun.

Barak — A name of Hebrew origin that means “lightning.”

Bhaskara — This name has Indonesian origin and means “sun.”

Brandr — This ancient Scandinavian name means “fire.”

Branton — With Gaelic origin, this name means “fire town.”

Blaze — An English origin name associated with fire.

Brand — This English name means “firebrand.”

Brenton — This fiery baby name means “the town near the burnt land.”

Cymbeline — This Celtic name means “sun lord.”

Cyrus — A Persian name meaning “sun.”

Cináed — In Gaelic, this name means “born of fire.”

Conleth — This Irish name means “chaste fire.”

Conley — Looking for a unisex name? This one means “purifying fire” in Gaelic.

Egan — This name means “little fire.”

Elio — This name comes from the Italian and Spanish god of the sun, Helios.

Edan — With both Irish and Hebrew roots, this name means “little fire.”

Flint — A name of English origin inspired by the spark-producing stone.

Fintan — In Irish, this name means “white fire.”

Finlo — This baby name comes from the Irish pagan sun god.

Hagan — This Irish name means “little fire.”

Haco — An old Celtic name meaning “flame” or “fire.”

Ignacio — In Spanish, this name means “fiery.”

Inigo — Made famous by the popular film, The Princess Bride, this Basque name means “fiery.”

Ishaan — This glowing name means “the sun” in Hindi.

Ignatius — In Latin, this name means “fiery.”

Kenneth — This Scottish name means “born of fire.”

Langa — This name originated in Nguni and means “sun.”

Loki — This name comes from the Norse god associated with magic and fire.

McCoy — This Irish name means “fire.”

Mishal — This is an Arabic name that means “torchbearer.”

Mogotsi — A name of Sesotho origin, its meaning is “builder of fire.”

Nuri — This Arabic or Hebrew name means “light” or “my fire.”

Plamen — This Serbian name means “flame” or “fire.”

Pyrrhus — In Greek mythology, this name means “flame-colored” or “red.”

Ra — This Egyptian name means “sun.”

Sampson — A Hebrew name meaning “sun.”

Sulien — A Welsh name meaning “sun born.”

Surya — This name means “sun god” in Hindi.

Tanguy — A French name meaning “fire dog.”

Titus — This baby name comes from the Latin word “titos” which means “to burn.”

Tyson — This baby name is sure to cause some sparks—it means “firebrand.”

Uri — In Hebrew, this name means “my flame, my light.”

Vatroslav — In Croatian, this name means “fire glory.”

Vulcan — This name means “to shine” in Latin.

Boy Baby Names That Means Fire