Baby Boys Angel-Inspired Names With Their Meanings

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Find the most Beautiful and Iconic Angel-Inspired Names for Your Little One. Sweet Angelic names for your wonderful miracle baby.

List of Angel Names for Boys

Abaddon — Abaddon is derived from the Greek name Apollyon and means “destroyer.” Throughout the pages of the New Testament, Abaddon is the angel-prince of the inferno and the minister of death.

Angelo — Kafziel has Hebrew roots and it means “speedy one of God.” Also called the angel of tears and solitude, Kafziel is also associated with the planet Saturn.

Cael — Zadkiel means “righteousness of God” in Hebrew. It is also said that the angel Zadkiel was the one who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son.

Castiel — Raziel is the name of the angel who keeps the secrets of the universe. He is also known as the angel of mysteries.

Engel — Yael means ‘to ascend’ in Hebrew. It is also the name of the cute cherub who attends to the throne of God.

Evangelos — Ramiel has Arabic roots and this angel name means ‘thunder of God’.

Gabriel — In Judaism, Samuel is one of the prophets. He created the Hebrew monarchy by anointing both David and Saul as Kings of Israel.

Haniel — Uriel is derived from the Hebrew name Uwriyel, and it means “flame of God” or “the light of the Lord.”

Hariel — In Hebrew, this angel name means “angel.”

Javan — Raphael is usually considered the angel of healing. He’s also the patron angel of science, doctors, travelers, and healing.

Kafziel — If you’re looking to give your little one a warrior name, consider Michael. He is the archangel who led the other angels in a war against Satan.

Kemuel — With Hebrew roots, Haniel means “favored of God.”

Malach — Made famous by the television smash hit, Supernatural, this Hebrew name means “my cover is God.”

Michael — This angel’s name is quite straightforward! It has German roots, meaning “angel.”

Michelangelo — Orifiel is an angel that appears in the Old Testament and his name means “my neck is God.” He is believed to direct his gaze backward in time to view the past.

Orifiel — This angel appears in the Book of Enoch and his name means “God’s command.” He is also the angel of children, the sun, and healing.

Raguel — This angel name derives from Hebrew and it means “helper of God.” Kemuel is also the angel who stands at the window of heaven.

Ramiel — If you choose to name your newborn son Hariel, he will be sharing the name of the angel who rules over science, the arts, and tamed animals.

Raphael — Raguel is the angel of harmony and fairness. The meaning of this Latin angel name is “friend of God.”

Raziel — Evangelos is derived from Greek roots and means “good messenger.”

Samuel — Famously known for being a Renaissance painter and one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo is a strong artistic name meaning “who is like God.”

Uriel — Thanks to Adele for naming her son this angel name, Angelo is now climbing back on the popularity charts. This old-school Italian name means “messenger.”

Yael — Javan is the name of Noah’s son in the Bible. Since this Hebrew name literally means “Greece”, he is believed to be the guardian angel of the Grecian islands.

Zadkiel — If your babe is born around Christmas time, consider the angel name Gabriel. Gabriel is the angel who told the news that Jesus Christ was born.

Zerachiel — If your baby boy was born between June 21 to July 22, see if Cael is the right name for you! This angel name bears the same one as the Cancerian angel.

Baby Boys Angel-Inspired Names With Their Meanings