Angel-Inspired Names for Baby Girls With Meanings

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Beautiful Angel-Inspired Names for Your Baby Girls: It is quite normal to give their child an angel baby name.

We’re all familiar with famous angel names for boys, like Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, or iconic angelic baby names for girls, like Seraphina or Dina. But, when it comes to naming your new little cherub, we totally understand if you’re looking for more unique names of angels, both male and female.

List Of Most Beautiful & Iconic Angel-Inspired Names for Girls

Angel — Usually, a Spanish name, this angel name is usually a term of endearment. It comes from the Greek word “angelos” and means “messenger or announcer.”

Angela — This widely popular Christian name means “messenger of God.”

Angelette — Angelette is another French version of the name Angela. This traditional sweet name means “messenger of God.”

Angelica — If you’re a Shakespeare buff, you’ll recognize this name from one of The Bard’s most popular plays Romeo and Juliet. This Latin name means “angelic.”

Angelina — Made popular by talented actress, Angelina Jolie, this Italian rooted name means “angel.”

Angelique — This is the French version of the name Angela, meaning “angel.” You can thank Angelique Bouchard Collins, the glamorous girl of Dark Shadows for the rise in popularity!

Angelisa — This Latin name means “messenger.”

Aniela — Aniela is the Polish translation of the Latin name Angela. This name means “angel” or “messenger.”

Ariel — Ariel is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Ari’el’, which means “lion of God.” It is also the name of a moon of the planet Uranus.

Charmeine — Charmiene, the female derivative of Charmaine, belongs to the angel of harmony. The meaning of this angel’s name is “singer.”

Dara — If you know the Old Testament you know that Dara is the wise angel who appears. It also means “wealthy” in Persian.

Dina — If you name your little cherubic daughter Dina, she’ll be sharing it with the angel of learning and wisdom.

Erelah — With Hebrew roots, this angel name means “angel.”

Evangelina — This variation of the name Evangeline means “messenger.”

Evangeline — This romantic and classic Old English name means “good angel.”

Gotzone — Gotzone is the female variation of the Eastern European name Gotzon and means “angel.”

Laila — Laila is the angel of conception who protects and oversees childbirth. It is one of the top 30 names in Australia and the UK.

Mariangela — If you’re looking for an angel name with a little more spice, this name translates to “rebel angel.”

Melek — Wanting something a little more exotic for your new baby girl? Melek is the Turkish word for “angel.”

Micheangela — Being one of the top 100 names in Rome, Michelangela is the feminine version of Michelangelo, meaning “who is like God.”

Parisa — This Persian and Iranian name means “like an angel.”

Rabia — Rabia is one of the many angels who accompanies the sun on its daily course. Widely popular in Arabic countries, this angel name means “spring.”

Rosangel — Rooted in Italy, this name translates to “rose angel.”

Seraphina — Seraphina is the female version of the six-winged archangel, Seraphim. This name has Hebrew origin and means “fiery ones.”

Tien — If you’re looking for an angel name with a little Asian flair, consider the Vietnamese name Tien which means “angel.”

Angel-Inspired Names for Baby Girls With Meanings