Yoruba Boy Names With Meanings

Names With Meanings

Yoruba Names for Baby Boys: Nigerian Yoruba baby naming culture practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Yoruba  name or Yoruba  Christian baby Boy names, Traditional Yoruba  Boy Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Yoruba baby names and meanings, Yoruba Male names and their meanings And Yoruba Guy Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A

Abayomrunkoje ― God won’t allow humiliation.

Abegunde ― One born during the holiday.

Abeo ― The bringer of happiness .

Abiade ― One who is born of royal parents.

Abidugun ― One born before the war.

Abiodun ― One born at the time of festival.

Abiola ― (African – Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first days

Abioye ― The son of royalty; A Variant of Abiola

Adebamgbe ― A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me.

Adebiyi ― The royal one.

Adedayo ― The crown has turned to joy.

Ademola ― Crown is Added to My Wealth

Adeniyi ― The value or honour of a crown

Adepero ― The crown has bring peace

Adesanya ― My pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child.

Adeshola ― One who is crowned to bring wealth

Adesola ― A child crowned with wealth.

Adetayo ― Crown has brought us great joy.

Adetokunbo ― A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means ‘crown

Adetola ― The crown can be measured to wealth.

Adetope ― The crown is worthy of praise.

Adetosoye ― The crown is entitled to the throne.

Adisa ― Clear Spoken Person – African

Ajayi ― Born face-down

Akin ― Yoruban – Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew – Man

Alake ― African – One To Be Honored

Apara ― Matchless; Unique; One who is exclusive and has no equivalent

Ayinde ― Yoruba – We gave praise and he came;

Ayodele ― Yoruba – Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde

Ayomide ― Yoruba – Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde

Ayotomiwa ― Wealth has returned.

Ayotunde ― Yoruba – Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayomide

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With B

Babasolaf ― Father’s wealth has arrived.

Babatunji ― The father returns again.

Banjoko ― Don’t ever leave me.

Bankole ― Build a home for me.

Bayode ― He who brings joy with himself.

Bayowa ― He has come with joy.

Bolade ― Honor will come.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With D

Damola ― Mixed with wealth.

Durojaiye ― One who waits for the joy of life.

Durosinmi ― Wait to rest.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With E

Esupofo ― The devil has lost.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With F

Farayioluwa ― I rely on God.

Fiyifolu ― Give honor to God.

Folarin ― Walk with glory

Folu ― A shy or timid man.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With G

Gbadebo ― The one who brings the crown.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With I

Idogbe ― The second child born after twins.

Ifelewa ― The beautiful love.

Ige ― Born feet first

Iles ― Messenger of the God.

Inioluwa ― Acquiring God’s treasure.

Iranola ― A wealthy family.

Isamotu Olalekan ― Without God I’m destitute.

Iseoluwa ― The act of God.

Iyanu-Oluwa ― The miracle of God.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With J

Jaiyesimi ― One who believes in enjoying the life.

Jesutosin ― Jesus is worthy of worship.

Jimoh ― One who is born on a Friday.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With K

Kaseko ― To mock or ridicule someone

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With M

Mabayoje ― Yoruba term meaning do not destroy joy.

Majekodunmi ― Do not let it be a thing of pain.

Mayowa ― One who brings joy to the family.

Mobo ― Freedom

Mobolaji ― A boy who is born of wealth.

Modadeola ― A man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence.

Modupeore ― Thank you God for this gift.

Modurodoluwa ― I waited on the Lord.

Modurolorilerioluwa ― One who stands on the promise of God.

Mofetoluwa ― A man who graciously accepts God’s will.

Mofihinfoluwa ― To God be the glory.

Mofolorunso ― One who is placed in God’s care.

Monjolaoluwa ― Enjoying the wealth of God.

Morenikeji ― This child resembles me.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With N

Naade ― A boy who is born in royalty.

Niyilolawa ― The wealth is here.

Numilekunoluwa ― Clean my tears, Lord.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With O

Oba ― The king

Obafemi ― The King loves me.

Obaloluwa ― God is the king.

Obasolape ― Yoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete.

Obatotosinloluwa ― God is indeed worthy of praise.

Odunayo ― Year of happiness.

Ogooluwa ― The glory of God.

Olabamiji ― Wealth wakes with me.

Olabisi ― The joy is multiple.

Olabode ― Wealth has come home.

Oladayo ― Wealth has become joy.

Olajuwan ― The exaltation of the triumph.

Olamilekan ― Lord Shiva, one of the three major divinities in the later hindu pantheon.

Olayinka ― Wealth surrounds me

Olorunyomi ― God has saved me

Olumoroti ― I stand with God

Olusola ― God has blessed me

Oluwagbenga ― God has lifted me up.

Oluwatoke ― God is worthy to be adored.

Oson ― Summer

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With P

Pamilekunayo ― One who brings tears of joy.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With R

Remilekun ― Stop my grief.

Rereloluwa ― God is good all the time.

Ropo ― Come to save.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With S

Sangodele ― The God of thunder has come.

Sareola ― One who is walking towards getting healthy.

Seriki ― Leader of an Islamic community.

Seye ― Honor

Shakale ― The almighty

Shoyebi ― A word used for wizards who wards off the evil.

Sijuwade ― A man who is destined for greatness.

Similoluwa ― Rest in the Lord.

Sunkanmi ― A Yoruba word meaning draw close to me.

Sunmoluwa ― One who is moving closer towards God.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With T

Tadenikawo ― Person under the protection of the crown.

Tanimola ― Nobody knows what lies tomorrow.

Tantoluwa ― One who is like God.

Tayo ― Boy full of happiness

Tejumola ― One who looks forward to better days.

Teleayo ― The one who lays ground for joy.

Teleola ― He has laid ground for wealth.

Temidayo ― Mine has turned into joy.

Temiloluwa ― God is mine.

Temitope ― One who is worthy for praise.

Teniayo ― The foundation of joy.

Tifeoluwa ― It is the will of God.

Tiwa ― One who owns the crown or kingship

Tiwalade ― The crown in ours.

Tiwatope ― Our situation is worthy of thanks

Tokunbo ― One who is from across the seas

Tolulola ― Wealth belongs to God.

Tolulope ― To God be the glory.

Toluwalase ― Authority belongs to God.

Toluwalogo ― The glory belongs to God.

Toluwalope ― God is worthy of praise.

Toluwanimi ― I belong to God.

Tomori ― Yoruba term meaning we have seen a baby again.

Tosin ― Only God is servable.

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With Y

Yele ― One who befits the family.

Yoruba Boy Names With Meanings