Unisex Latin Baby Names And Meanings

Nature Inspired Names For Boy/Girl Baby

Gender Neutral Latin Baby Names for both Male and Female with Their Meanings: Finding a Unique Gender Neutral Latin Names, Aesthetic Latin Gender Neutral Names, Strong Latin Gender Neutral Names, Latin Gender Neutral Names with Meaning and Modern Latin Gender Neutral Names for your new born baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll have.

If you are in search of a perfect Unisex Latin Baby Name for your bundle joy or a Short and Unique Latin Unisex Names, Vintage Latin Unisex Names, Unisex Latin Names with Meaning and Magical Latin Unisex Names you are in the right place. Here’s a list of A – Z Latin Baby Unisex Names with Meanings.

Latin Unisex Baby Names for both Male and Female

Santiago ― Saint James

Abril ― Open

Ace ― One, one unit

Adriana ― From hadria

Adrianna ― From harida

Adrienn ― From hadria

Adrienne ― From hadria

Amalle ― Variant of Amelia; the one who has power and the power to work

Aurum ― One who has deep inner truth; glowing dawn

Brazil ― A conflict or disagreement on certain issues

Celest ― A heavenly body usually used as last name

Challita ― The most beautiful of all

Clarrie ― One who lives beside the river Clare, the longest river in the Lough Corrib

Clayre ― One who is not only bright, but also famous and known by all

Clemmy ― Gentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasant

Colma ― A dove; a stout bird that resembles a pigeon, and is used as a symbol of peace

Crew ― Of the chariot; It is a variant of the name “Carew”; It comes from when a family lives as dwellers at a cattlepen in the UK.

Cristen ― Invariant form of the Latin name “Christianityus”; Disciple of Christ

Diara ― A gift; they are quiet and a commander

Doiminic ― Belonging to God ,Lordly

Domino ― It means master of all

Domonique ― A Lord; they have a very clever mind and active body

Fortuo ― It translates to ‘good luck’; Also refers to a baby born on 20th of April

Fran ― Someone who is French by blood

Francisca ― From france

Gemini ― Means two babies who were born together, two babies in single birth, twins.

Jermaine ― A man from germany, one who is brotherly

Jules ― the word means youthful. They are calm, simple and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.

Juy ― The meaning of the name is Down-bearded Youth

Lawren ― A shoreline indentation, a bay

Liberty ― Freedom, independence, liberation

Lupin ― From latin word “lupinus” meaning Wolf

March ― A name of the third month in the year, named after the God Mars

Meris ― The person of the ocean.

Merit ― The quality that renders something desirable.

Milja ― Trying to excel or become equal

Minor ― A younger one, a little one

Miracle ― An act to amaze or help others, especially by the God

Nety ― Variation of Antonia which means Pricesless one

Nisang ― Dark period or gloomy and dusky night.

Nonnie ― Who is like the creator of the world

Nox ― Dark period or gloomy and dusky night.

Ocie ― Chaste or a virtuous girl.

Olmo ― Who lived by the tree of elm

Orien ― Fine looking and delightful person.

Oriole ― The one who supervises over.

Pacey ― Of Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of Pacy

Pinna ― A pinnacle or a crest

Quincy ― Estate of the fifth son

Renn ― An individual who was reborn

Sagittarius ― One who is an archer

Sergio ― An attendant, a servant

Shayla ― A gift from God

Sheila ― One who is blind, pantron saint of music

Silvia ― Wooded, forest

Starr ― Star

Stella ― Star of the sea

Sylvester ― Man from the forest

Taurean ― Of taurus

Terence ― From an ancient roman clan

Terra ― From the earth. An earth goddess in mythology

Terrance ― Smooth

Terrence ― From an ancient roman clan

Titus ― Of the giants, a great defender

Tonia ― Flourishing

Tonna ― A settlement or a town near the hedge

Tonya ― Priceless

Tracee ― Warrior

Tricia ― A patrician

Vesper ― Evening star or evening prayer

Vivian ― Life

Unisex Latin Baby Names And Meanings