Unisex Inuit Baby Names With Meanings

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Gender Neutral Inuit Baby Names for both Male and Female with Their Meanings: Finding the perfect name for your new born baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect unique Unisex Inuit Baby Name for your bundle joy, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of Inuit Baby Unisex Names with Meanings.

Inuit Unisex Baby Names For Both Boy And Girl

Adlartok ― Clear sky

Alornerk ― Under-feet

Amaruq ― Grey wolf

Aput ― Inuit word for snow.

Atiqtalaaq ― Atiqtalaaq means Polar bear cub in Inuit language.

Cupun ― Inuit word for coal.

Ikiaq ― Red spruce in Inuit language.

Kallik ― This name means lightning.

Kanaaq ― Lower part of the leg.

Nanouk ― Nanouk is a variant of Nanuq, which means polar bear.

Nanurjuk ― The star

Nukilik ― One who is strong

Nuniq ― Nuniq is a form of Nanuq, a fictional name featured in the film “Nanook of the North”. It means polar bear.

Qimmiq ― Dog

Siqiniq ― The sun

Taqtu ― Kidney

Tehoronianhen ― Covered in clouds

Tootega ― Old woman deity who could walk on water.

Tukkuttok ― He who is generous.

Tulimak ― Tulimak is a form of Tulimaq. It means rib.

Umiaktorvik ― River

Uukkarnit ― Calved ice

Yuka ― A bright Star

Yura ― One who is beautiful.

Unisex Inuit Baby Names With Meanings