Unisex British Names For Both Boy And Girl

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List of Gender-Neutral British Names For Both Male And Female Children With Meanings.

Best British Unisex Names For Baby Boy And Girl

Aiden — Little fire.
Ceagan — An unisex British name

Eadbald — A person who enjoys beauties of nature.
Ellis — This unisex baby name is of Welsh origin and is a favorite in Britain in recent years. It means “benevolent” and is one of those flexible names that pairs well with most surnames and middles.

Finlay — It’s the preferred British spelling of a Scottish/Irish name meaning “fair-haired hero” and we love it for both boys and girls.

Guirec — Guirec means secretive, reliable and passionate person who is trustworthy for everyone.

Kenzie — For boys, this one is currently in the Top 1,000 in the UK, whereas American parents tend to prefer the longer version—Mackenzie—for girls. Either is acceptable for a boy or a girl, and both options feel both fresh and storied.

Lennon — After John, or just because you love it, this precious British unisex baby name rounds out our list. It means “lover” in Irish and lends to easy nicknames and a lifetime of, well, love!

Unisex British Names For Both Boy And Girl