Tribute To My Late Uncle

Tributes To late uncle For Her Funeral

Sample Tribute To Uncle Who Died: Words cannot describe difficult moment of losing a family member like your father’s brother or mother’s brother, in some cases a close family friend you call uncle as sign of respect.

To put your thoughts into words in writing a short tribute to late uncle can be daunting in your time of grief. Therefore, we have compiled list of sample eulogies is to help you compose a befitting tribute to the life of your special late Uncle. We hope that they will inspire you to write your own loving speech for the funeral.

Tribute To Late Uncle

Uncle (insert name) will be missed by all of us nephews and niece. He was our favorite uncle, the “cool” one with the neat mustache.

My uncle took life a bit easier in the last few years but never gave up working. He loved his job at (insert company name) where he was employed for the past (insert years of service) years. Uncle (insert name) had many friends at work where he will be missed. The family knew Uncle (insert name) as a quiet, kind and very gentle person who would give you the shirt off his back…and he literally did to anyone in need. His favorite past times were barbequing with family and friends and a good game of chess. Family in (insert location) remember his visits and fun rides in his red sports car. His presence will be so missed by family across the country and (insert location). While life was considerably compromised by his health, Uncle (insert name) never stopped living to the fullest.

The first encounter I remember of you was an email you sent to me when I was in middle school. You were very impressionable through just that one email. I did not know you well, but I sensed conviction in your demeanor. Every time we came to visit, whether you were resting or not, before and after your diagnosis of cancer you would always stop what you were doing to spend time with my siblings and I. Now, the good Lord has called you to rest. You are gone but not forgotten.
Adieu Uncle!!

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.” Amen.

Uncle (insert name) was an Army veteran with a heart of gold. He was a master finish carpenter and was excellent at his craft. He loved music and spent many years as a lead guitarist with his band, Nucleus. My uncle also loved animals and they loved him the same. He enjoyed spending time at the beach and waterskiing and truly knew how to enjoy the journey of life every day.

Uncle (insert name) was an extremely loving and caring son, father, brother, godfather, uncle and friend. The world has truly lost a great man, but heaven has gained a new angel. Our hearts are broken. We will miss his kindness, his smile and his contagious laugh. He will be forever loved and forever missed. May we meet again in heaven someday.

Rock on forever Uncle (insert name)

Tribute To Late Uncle From Niece

My uncle, (insert name), was the first and only son of his parents, but had two lovely younger sisters, one of which is my beautiful mother. He had a good childhood and even though my grandparents were not rich, their home was filled with love. My uncle (insert name) and my mom often told me how their parents, especially their dad always made sure they had all the things they needed. Moreover, my grandparents understood the value of education and did their best to encourage and see all their three kids through school.

Growing up as a little boy, I didn’t quite understand nor appreciate my uncle honestly, but as soon as I became a teenager, I realized what an amazing person he was. Although we lived in different states, he would call and check on me on a weekly basis, just to be sure I was doing fine. He would always do his best to attend my birthdays or send me some of the most thoughtful presents. My sixteenth birthday still remains one of the most memorable days of my life thanks to Uncle (insert name). Although my parents did most of the planning for my birthday, Uncle (insert name) made it a lot more special by making sure I at arrived the party venue in a chauffeured limousine.

Uncle (insert name) will forever remain an award-winning uncle, and I will always remember him as a second father. He is one of the reasons I turned out to be a strong and hardworking woman. He might be gone, but his legacy lives on in the many lives he affected, especially mine. It’s unfortunate he won’t be here to attend my graduation from medical school, but I promise to make him proud wherever he is.

My Uncle also had a great sense of humor and there was never a dull moment with him. He would make some of the silliest jokes that forced me to laugh or smile even when I was going through some of the toughest times. We could actually spend long hours conversing about both meaningful and meaningless things. I used to visit Uncle (insert name) on Saturdays and we would spend our time watching movies. This was really like a therapy to me because even the most boring movies became interesting with his comments and analysis.

Although my Uncle didn’t have any children, he showed lots of love to my siblings and me. My mother always told me how excited he was when I was born and how he went about raving to everyone who cared to listen saying “the most beautiful girl is here”. I also remember how excited he was when I announced to him three years ago that I had made it into medical school. He was so happy and never stopped telling me how proud he was of me.

Uncle (insert name) loved socializing with people. He was such a selfless man who touched so many lives. He was very attentive and would listen to everyone’s problems and offer solutions to them. Fortunately, he was remarkably intelligent and filled with wisdom, so his wife, siblings, colleagues and friends could always count on him.

He also enjoyed music and dancing. Michael Jackson was his favorite artist and I can’t forget how sad he was when this legendary musician passed on in 2009. He mastered the lyrics of most of the late pop star’s songs and would display his funny but cute dance moves whenever an opportunity presented itself. My uncle also loved fashion and he was always well dressed whenever he wasn’t wearing his professional coat.

Unfortunately, death suddenly snatched him away from me on (insert date). Everything still feels like a nightmare to me and I vividly remember when my mom called me to say he was killed in a fatal car accident. It’s so heartbreaking that I never got the opportunity to tell him goodbye. I had beautiful plans for us and I was hoping to take him and his wife to (insert location) on his (insert age in figure)th birthday since he had always wanted to go there. Even though we enjoyed some beautiful moments, I still feel like I didn’t tell him how much I loved him enough.

Tribute To My Late Uncle Who Passed Away

It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute to you. You were an uncle in a million; my uncle was humble, kind, loving, caring and good at heart and soul.!!!

I remember like yesterday how you never failed to visit me every month during my secondary school years at (insert name of school). How you rode on those bicycles through rough roads just to make sure I had all I needed in school. Come rain, come shine you were there with my mum, your sister, when our father was away studying, you were our pillar of support. You were always around us. my brothers and I who you helped to nurture will really miss you and your honest fatherly advice. Your sudden death came as a rude shock. We did not expect it and wish we had more time to continue to appreciate you. God in His infinite wisdom knows best. May Our Lord comfort and sustain your family, your wife and children now and always. May God Almighty keep you safe resting in perfect peace till resurrection day, Amen.


Tribute To My Uncle From Nephew

I am blessed with the most amazing parents anyone could imagine. They are caring, supportive and always encourage me to give my best regardless of the outcome. But I have also been lucky to have another person in my life who has taught me a lot. He was my uncle. Though it would be impossible to describe his larger than life persona in a few words, I do feel the need to try and say something about him that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Uncle (insert name) was one of the first engineers in our city – besides being one of the first to move out of the city in order to achieve a college education. Being born to a well-off family didn’t stand in the way of his humility, and he had a personality that would attract flocks of people towards him. Unlike others, he didn’t opt for engineering for the perks attached to it. He loved solving mathematical problems and enjoyed delving deeper into the origin of each rule that applied to that science.

I remember when I used to get tense during my school tests. I would freak out just a day before the test and lose all my confidence. Then, I’d run straight to him to recharge myself and regain all that lost confidence. Since mathematics to him was like toys to little children, he loved giving me a helping hand in my test preparations. I will never forget the sparkling look on his face every time I’d ask him to prepare mock test papers a week before my tests were due, and his excitement on hearing my results.

As I stand here, bereaved of my dear Uncle, I can recall one of his favourite possessions that he gifted himself on his wedding anniversary – a laptop! The memory of him unboxing his brand-new midnight black laptop are as fresh in my mind as the morning dew. His eyes shone like candles burning in a dark attic. Though he couldn’t make much use of it, he managed to learn how to play games and make video calls all by himself. Sometimes, he would scribble something using his fingers on the touchpad, and his face would flush on occasions when he got stuck with a plethora of tools wondering how to use them. But the fire in him to learn something new would never be extinguished.

I have a ton of sweet memories about him, and I could go on telling his tales for days. But I know that would only cover an ounce of his life and it would still be an imperfect explanation of someone I loved so much.

I know that even though he’s gone, he is still there with us, in the leaves of the trees that he planted, in the fruits that bloom in full swing in the season, in the shade of the enormous Guava tree that we all so dearly love. And I hope to live life the best I can, following his principles and teachings that will be treasured by many generations in our family to come.

May he rest in peace uncle (insert name).

Short Tribute To My Uncle Death

Our loving Uncle, you might not be alive in human body but we know that you are alive spiritually. God will give and God will take, we are certain God decided to take you to heaven to join grandpa with a reason reserved to HIM.

You are certainly in a peaceful place with no pains, but we will miss the love and care you shared to us. YES, those loving memories will live on; vivid pictures where as kids you will drive very far miles to celebrate our birthdays while our dad was in Europe. It didn’t end there, over 10yrs later you were instrumental in organizing a joined birthday for your kids and your nephews/nieces– What a memory and good person you are, reason our dad has always positioned you as natural and “number 1 ” while he follows happily as “number 2” — yes Uncle, it’s those deeds of yours that we will have a huge void to fill. We will strive to continue that love and we pray you intercede for us as we still search to understand and duel in your absence, we as a family will strive to share those values of kindness, humility, compassion and fatherly nature to the world; values that cannot be transformed to money nor learned in a classroom but only nurtured from being good to others. A good person you were, UNCLE. Adieu! Adieu our Uncle and thanks for showing us that despite the pains from the evil cancer you stood your heels to Faith, prayers and perseverance as a true warrior.

Adieu our UNCLE

Heart Touching Tribute To My Late Uncle

My great uncle passed away on Monday morning. He was my last living great uncle. He was a gentle, energetic visionary father-figure of our family, who even in his elderly age could not sit still. His spirit was always driving to make the world a better place. He was the kind of person that everyone knew. Mentioning his name would bring a smile to people that you would never imagined he had even met, let along that he had touched their lives in such a memorable way. In fact he radically changed the lives of many. His energy filled the room, even though I remember him as a small slim man. When he was moved, or felt passionately he would spontaneously create couplets of poetry to describe his feelings. And passionate, innovative and poetic he was.

The whole extended family across the globe is mourning for his loss, and each tribute I read for him brings tears to my eyes. I did not know him well as he lived abroad, but even the few times that I was blessed to meet him, he has been indelibly stamped on my memory and my heart.

Adieu Uncle!

Tribute To My Late Uncle