Tibetian Girl Names With Meanings

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List of Tibetian Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Chesa ― Greatness

Chewa ― She who is great or powerful.

Chime ― Everlasting or immortal

Choden ― The devout one or religious

Chodren ― Lamb of the Dharma

Chomden ― She who overcomes the negative.

Garma ― Goddess of dance

Gawa ― Joy and happiness

Gewa ― Positive karma

Jampa ― Kindness or benevolence

Lhotse ― The name given to the highest peak

Manasarovar ― A place name of the Lake Manasarovar

Opame ― Infinite light

Pema ― A Lotus

Pemala ― Respect of the lotus

Penden ― Lotus throne

Shankha ― A woman who is like a white conch

Shenden ― She who tries to benefit others.

Tenzin ― Protector of Dharma

Zenji ― Zen master

Tibetian Girl Names With Meanings