Thank You For Coming Messages

Thank You For Coming Messages

Ceremonies, Anniversary Celebration Party, Baby Shower Party, Birthdays or any event in general are always special days for those involved. It is nice to see people come out to support you during your ceremony. It brings pleasure knowing people care enough to know what is going on in your life. So saying thank you for coming after the event is a way of showing gratitude to your guests for attending your occasion.

If you are confused on how to go about thank you messages for coming or attending my event, in this post you will find healthy appreciation messages that you can send to your guests.

Thank You for Coming to My Party

  1. It’s not very often that one sees distinguished personalities like you at casual parties like mine. I’m most grateful that you came. Thank you.
  2. Thank you so much for supporting me all the way. My party would not have been complete without you in it. Thanks for coming. God be with you.
  3. You made my party fun really. We danced, drank and had fun like tomorrow will never come. I will always say it over and over again. You guys are the best friends I can ever pray for.Thanks a lot for coming.
  4. I was very sure that irrespective of what will happen on my day, you will always make yourself available. You did that and I can’t thank you for coming to my event. You are indeed a great friend and a thoughtful buddy. Thanks for coming. May God never forget you.
  5. Your presence and sense of humor was refreshing last night. All the party guests couldn’t get enough of you. Many thanks for gracing the occasion.
  6. The greatest present and biggest blessing I got was you for coming to my event. Thanks a lot for coming.
  7. You made my party worth. You did not only come but also dragged family and friends as well. You were so wonderful and special. Thanks for coming. I appreciate you.
  8. You are the star of my event. You were the live wire of my day. You were so lively and beautiful that everyone wanted to get to meet you. You made my party amazing. Thanks for coming.
  9. The saying “old friends are the best” couldn’t be truer last night as we recollected the funniest and fondest of childhood memories at the party. Thanks for coming.
  10. Yesterday, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia as I saw you and the classmates at the party. Now I know that I have a big family in you. Thanks for coming.
  11. You probably noticed that I couldn’t let go off you after that hug. That’s because I missed you and didn’t expect to see you. Many thanks for coming, my friend!
  12. The event was amazing and it was made possible through you. Thanks a lot for coming. may you never lack any good things in all your ways. Thanks.
  13. I know that you could have sent a text filled with lots of excuses for not coming if you wanted to. But then you came, and even gave me a gift. You are so amazing and thoughtful and I really appreciate your coming. Thanks and God bless you.
  14. Thank you so much, it was a great party with you.
  15. The party may be over, but I still play the events over and over in my head. I had such a great time. Thank you for making time for me yesterday.
  16. Your presence made my party feel like a big music festival. You could really feel the shift in energies in the room. How do you do that? Anyway, thank you so much for being there!
  17. Thanks for surprising me by your sudden presence at my special party.
  18. You came, you saw, and you conquered. Last night was a tremendous success. Thank you so much for coming.
  19. Celebrating this special day was so much fun because I was surrounded by all my loved ones. Thanks for coming by and celebrating with me. I really do appreciate it.
  20. You are one of my life’s biggest blessings. Thank you for witnessing this special day in my life.
  21. Thank you for being there on our special day and making it even more memorable. I hope that you enjoyed the day just as much as we did.
  22. Friends like you make simple celebrations like this into one of the happiest and most memorable. Thank you so much for coming by. I really do appreciate it.
  23. Parties will remain useless if there are no friends and family to make the event priceless. I appreciate the fact that you carved out amazing memories and made my event as priceless as ever. These words of thanks for coming is just not enough. Thank you so much for your love and support.
  24. Just before I do this too late, I want to send my words of thanks for coming. Thanks a lot.
  25. The best reward for completing law school is being surrounded at your graduation party by long lost cousins. You, guys, truly made my day, for which I’m most grateful!
  26. The drinks weren’t enough for you and your friends, and I promise to provide more at next year’s party. But thanks for coming, and making do with what we had. I’m truly thankful.
  27. I may be tired and grumpy as of now, but I was excited, happy and grateful yesterday, and I know I owe the happiness to you. Thanks for coming and making my party so lively. I love you.
  28. The last person I had hoped to see was you! Thank you for traversing two and half oceans just to be at my party. I really can’t thank you enough.
  29. For what you have done, you will never be found wanting when it is time for you to be celebrated as well. I really appreciate all that you have done today. God bless you. Please accept my words of thanks for coming.

Thank You For Coming to My Birthday Party

  1. Thanks for coming to my birthday celebration! You making the trip down to be part of it meant a lot to me. Chatting with you in person was great, and I value our friendship. 
  2. I was shocked that [Spouse Name] threw a surprise birthday party for me. Thank you for attending and taking part in the celebration. I feel blessed to have many friends and family.
  3. I don’t know how I will ever repay you but I hope these words are enough, thank you for coming to my birthday party; you were an important addition to it.
  4. Pleasant surprises make life really beautiful. Thank you for giving me the best and most appreciated surprise of my life. Thank you for coming to my party. I’m blessed by your love.
  5. Writing wishes needs some mind power, but receiving them needs the heart power to get happy and fly to the sky. Thanks for giving me that on my birthday!
  6. I am grateful that you are part of my life! Thank you for being at my birthday party. Celebrating with you and other friends was the best part of the day.
  7. Thank you for attending my birthday party. Having all my friends and family together was so much fun. Also, thank you for the [gift]. I will think of you when I use it.
  8. I’m really honored for having you at my birthday party, even though you came in at the last minute, you have left with me something to remember for a while. God bless you.
  9. Last year’s party was dull without you but your presence this year made it lovely. I’m still feeling happy. 🙂 Thanks a lot.
  10. You are a wonderful man. I ask God to make you as happy as you made me on my birthday. Thanks for coming!
  11. Thank you my friends for congratulating me. The hell is waiting for all of those who couldn’t remember my birthday.
  12. The people in my life are the best party of my life. Thank you for coming to my surprise birthday party. I was definitely surprised! I had so much fun hanging out with everyone and having a good time. Thank you again for being part of the celebration.
  13. I am thankful that you were able to attend my birthday party. Flying home to take part in the celebration was a huge surprise. You are a wonderful lifetime friend.
  14. This message is prepared for the special people who made my birthday great. Thank you for bringing happiness to my party!
  15. My day was so funny because of friends who shared it with me not because of the event. Thank you for attendance!
  16. I had fun at my party and hope that you did too. I appreciate the cash that was in the card and will do something wise with it.
  17. Thank you for celebrating my birthday at the party! What a wonderful day it was to be among our friends and family at the park. Your dog was popular with the kids. Maybe next year I will ask for a dog for my birthday.
  18. I had the most shallow birthday party, but with you guys there, I felt like flying over the moon because you made it so beautiful. Thank you for showing up at my party.
  19. Thanks for the gifts and wishes I got from friends and relatives. I hope to be always together for hundreds of occasions.
  20. Thanks for coming to the birthday party for the twins. Celebrating their first year was special, and we made some lovely memories. Spending time with you is always a job, and I was delighted that you were able to attend.
  21. I hope you had fun at [Kid’s Name]’s 1st birthday party! It is a party that I will always remember and will be able to tell [Kid’s Name] about it someday. Also, thank you for the gift card. We will likely buy more diapers with it.
  22. Thank you for celebrating [Kid’s Name]’s 1st birthday with us! We are grateful for the clothes and diapers you gave her too. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
  23. Thanks for coming to my party! I hope you had a nice time. The new board game will be fun to play with friends.
  24. Do you know that I can’t actually even sing at parties, but I did that with your help there. Buddy, Thanks for coming to my birthday party with your big heart.
  25. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. The party was exciting with you there, helping to provide entertainment. I am so glad that you were able to come. Also, thank you for the  Amazon gift card.
  26. You have always been special to me, and I am thankful that you were able to attend my 50th birthday party. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years and last night’s party is another time I will not soon forget.
  27. I feel so blessed to have such great friends at the age of 75. The party felt very special as its been many years since I had a birthday party. Thank you for coming and enjoying the cake. It’s always nice to visit with you as well.
  28. Thank you for coming to my 30th birthday party! I feel like an adult now that I’m out of my twenties. The dinner at [Friend’s name] house was perfect.
  29. Thank you, mom. You are the angel of mercy and the example of love. No one can slice the cake like you do!
  30. Is that a wedding message or just an engagement party greeting? Oh, it’s a thanks note. Thanks for attending my birthday party!
  31. Thanks for dancing with me on my celebration. Let’s repeat that soon.
  32. If you clicked this SMS message, know that you have left joy and laughter not only on my birthday, but in my heart. Thank you a lot!
  33. Once upon a time, someone told me that blowing candles out is the best part in birthday parties, but I see that my trustworthy friends coming was the best part. Thank you so much!
  34. Having a birthday party is something good. Having the people you love and appreciate on the celebration is something great. Thank you all for coming!
  35. Ice cream, cakes and desserts weren’t only the sweets of my party. My friends attendance was the best part. Thank you so much for coming here!
  36. I want to thank you for taking part in my birthday celebration. [Name] let me know that you helped to organize most of it. The decorations and food were terrific. I am glad that we are friends.
  37. My birthday party was so much fun! Thank you for being there and celebrating with me. I will remember this party for a long time!
Thank You For Coming Messages