Funny Thinking About You Messages For Him

Thinking About You Messages For Him

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You Text Messages For Him: Every relationship needs to be supported and maintained. If you act cold and barely show care towards your man, boyfriend or husband, he in return will reciprocate in the same manner. Sometimes simple text messages or short notes in a card can go a long way in showing how much you love, care and think about your man in his presences and absences. Here are some funny creative thinking of you messages that you can send to him. These words will make him feel special and loved.

Funny Thinking About You Messages For Him

  • Hey there handsome! Just thinking about you. Text me right after reading this. I need to talk to you.
  • I’m thinking of you. It’s all I can do. I’ve got your face in my thoughts and your name on my lips. You’re stuck in my mind and have taken over all my dreams. At least now, every time I stop to think, it’ll be about you.
  • We really were in a cute relationship. I really miss you a lot and think about you every day. All the moments I had with you, you are always a valuable man to me.
  • From the day you went on your trip, I’m missing you. I cannot stop thinking about you in this empty room. Come back as early as possible. Your girl is waiting for you.
  • Thanks for all those good memories and wonderful times together. I’m carving for your company and want to make some fresh memory. Let’s hang-up with each other tomorrow.
  • Well, it’s okay if you are not with me. Even when you are far away from me, I’m always thinking of you. That makes me even closer to you.
  • I really hope that you are thinking of me very often. Well, I’m thinking about you very often. I miss our talks.
  • You know what? Just thinking about you can bring a big smile to my face, and now I’m remembering you. Will, you talk with me for a while?
  • I should state one thing clear. As long as I’m thinking of you, it is always a good thing. Thinking of you always makes my day.
  • My dear handsome! I’m thinking about you right now. Whenever I close my eyes, It’s your face that always shows up. Would you please tell me how to recover from it?
  • I think about you always. I picture you in my mind regularly. Whether it’s when I wake up in the mornings or fall asleep at night. When I go out with my friends when I go to work.
  • The moment I start thinking about you, I cannot help but feel helpless. I need you and love you.
  • Your thoughts are now permanent in my heart—they hardly leave my heart because you are so close to it.
  • Every day is not meant to run smoothly, but every day will be perfect as long as I have you on my mind.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You Messages For Him

  • Wish this puts a huge smile on your face. Just in case to be safe, I want to tell you I love you and always thinking of you.
  • You are always been a very valuable friend of mine. I cannot stop thinking about you. I’m always there for you. You’ve been in my thoughts a lot.
  • When I think of you in my heart, the world changes, and my heart bubbles with gladness. When I think of you, nothing else seems to matter to me.
  • This message is to let you know that I love you and you are the boy I’m thinking about a lot lately. I really miss your smile.
  • You’re one of those special people whose thoughts are always stuck in my mind even when you’re just not around. Thinking of you so deeply.
  • I think of you before I sleep, and when I miss you more, I pretend the pillow is you, then I hold it tight till I doze off.
  • In my thoughts, you are always with me. In my world, you keep my hopes alive with your love. You mean a lot to me, baby
  • When I think of you, I realize how precious a gift you are to me. When I count my blessing, I count you twice.
  • Thinking of you is the easiest way to put a smile on my face. Funny enough, I think of you when I miss you.
  • Thinking of you and all of your wonderfulness gives me joy and a sense of appreciation for having someone special in my life.
  • I was thinking. Nobody can make me smile as much as you do. Now I’m missing you badly.
  • Thinking about you is my joy. I wish you all the best where you are.
  • My feelings for you are healthy. What I will show you is love. I will give you my heart, so you will see how much I think of you.
Funny Thinking About You Messages For Him