Thai Girl Names With Meanings

Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Adorable Thai Baby Girl Names List: Thailand follows the ancient tradition of naming their babies with a strong meaning. The baby names reflect the nobility, religion, or the region to which the baby belongs. Most Thai babies have two names, one being a formal name, and the other is a nickname that will serve as a common appellation. The nickname will only represent the feature or the trait of a child.

Find beautiful Thai baby names inspired by famous personalities like leadership, creativity, charisma, empathy,.

Elegant Thai Baby Girls Name List

Achara ― An angel who is very pretty or beautiful

Anong ― A gorgeous woman.

Aom ― To encircle or to embrace

Beam ― Ray of light

Boonsri ― Beautiful

Busarakham ― Yellow sapphire

Daw ― Bright and beautiful stars

Duangkamol ― Right from the heart.

Duanphen ― Full moon

Fern ― A green, shade loving plant. A fern.

Gan ― The bold one.

Hom ― The sweet smell.

Jane ― God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

Kannika ― A beautiful flower

Kanok ― Design or pattern

Kanokwan ― Kanok means gold, Wan means sweet

Karawek ― A bird found in Thailand, bird

Karnchana ― A beautiful and lovely girl.

Khun Mae ― The honorable mother.

Kohsoom ― Lotus in Thai language.

Kulap ― The flower rose.

Kwang ― Thai word for deer.

Lamai ― One of soft skin and nautre, a caring person

Lawan ― Beautiful

Lawana ― A graceful and beautiful individual

Madee ― A good beginning

Makok ― A place name, one who is from the town Makok in Thailand

Malai ― A garland of flowers in Thai

Malee ― Flower, a flower in Thailand.

Malivalaya ― Climbing jasmine

May ― A girl who is like a hawtorn flower

Mayuree ― Beautiful

Mild ― Kind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, Patient

Nan ― Grace, elegant, poise, balanced

Natcha ― Intelligent

Nin ― Sapphire

Pakpao ― The fighter kite

Pensri ― The beauty of the moon.

Phaelyn ― Thai – Sapphire; A variant of Phailin

Phaibun ― To prosper and flourish

Phailin ― Thai – Sapphire; A variant of Phaelyn

Phairoh ― Pleasant sounding

Phawta ― Pleasing to the eye

Phitsamai ― An adorable woman.

Phueng ― Bee

Pimchan ― Beautiful as the moon.

Ploy ― Precious stone or gem

Prija ― Intelligence, an intelligent and smart woman.

Ratanaporn ― Crystal blessing

Rochana ― Sweet words, one who is very sweet with the words.

Saengdao ― Starlight

Samorn ― A woman who is beautiful and beloved.

Sanoh ― Something that’s pleasant sounding.

Sanouk ― An enjoyable festival.

Sirikit ― A woman with the qualities of a Queen

Siriporn ― One who is gloriously blessed

Sopa ― An incredibly pretty girl.

Suda ― She who is a daughter

Sunstra ― A woman with beautiful eyes.

Tansanee ― Beautiful view

Tasanee ― A beautiful view

Tida ― A daughter, female child

Thai Girl Names With Meanings