Teutonic Girl Names With Meanings

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Teutonic Baby Girls Name List: If you’ve been considering giving your little Girl a Teutonic name and you are looking for unique Teutonic names for your baby Girl? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Teutonic baby Girl names, old fashioned Teutonic Girl name and short Teutonic Girl names with their meanings.

List of Teutonic Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Ada ― Prosperous, happy

Ailna ― Noble.

Alfonsa ― Teutonic – Eager for War; Enthusiastic; Noble Warrior; Female Version of Alfonso Noble

Allison ― Of Noble Birth

Amahna ― The end; a high industrious place which needs to be loved

Aria ― The one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody

Auberta ― An intelligent person

Awatif ― Known for strength

Bailey ― An administrator or a manager; a Goddess

Barrett ― Strength Of A Bear

Edith ― Prosperous in War

Edolina ― Helping and pleasant nature

Edwige ― Refuge from war; they are independent and confiden

Edyta ― A rich present; one which is efficient

Elberta ― A glorious and intelligent person

Elfreda ― A good counselor; they are filled with power

Elfredda ― Powerful person who is an Elf

Elfrida ― One who can threaten an Elf

Ellois ― One who is famous in war

Elmena ― Lady with indimidating fame

Elmina ― Intimidating and famous person

Elsa ― God who provides satisfaction; truth

Emily ― a name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.

Ethmer ― a teutonic word meaning noble or friend.

Etta ― a German word meaning the little one.

Farica ― A very calm leader

Fritjof ― Refers to concord, peacetime or harmony.

Henriette ― Rulaer of the home

Inga ― The hero’s daughter

Lulu ― Woman who is a legendary warrior

Nettie ― Pure, dirt less, unpolluted, spotless.

Rimilda ― A glorified maiden of the battle

Rimilde ― A dame who found glory in the battle

Tille ― A female virgin from the battle

Willa ― One who is firm and resolute.

Zelda ― Blessed or happy

Teutonic Girl Names With Meanings