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Trending New Born Baby Girl Names

If you’re thinking of giving your newborn a name pulled straight from the pages of the Bible, you’re right on trend! Biblical names like these, from names of prophets to names of angels, are on the rise this year. Trending Biblical Baby Names For Girls Naomi Hannah Leah Mary Eden Trendiest A-Z Girl Baby Names […]

Unisex Anglo Baby Names For New Borns With Meanings

Anglo Gender Neutral Baby Names For Both Boys And Girls With Meanings Behind Avery — Confirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sage Courtnay — Lives in the court; Courtdweller Crews — A family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefold Eadberth — It means a blessed person. Eubank — […]

Modern Arabic Female Names For New Born

Modern Arabic Names For Girls With Their Meanings: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Modern Arabic […]

Arthurian Boy Names For New Born With Meaning

Arthurian Names For Your New Born Baby Boy: The legendary Arthurian story has many heroic names for both girls and boys. Find list of Arthurian Baby Boy Names And What they Mean. Arthurian Baby Boy Names With Meanings Aballach ― Father of Modron Accalon ― Lover of Morgan le Fay Accolon ― One who is from […]

Unisex Arabic Names For New Born Baby

Arabic Gender Neutral Names With Meanings For Both Male And Female Children. Unisex Arabic Names For Boy And Girl Starting With A Aatiq — In case of a girl it means a very Young women while in case of a Boy it has a meaning of Liberated, Independent or Free Ahmar — Red Color Akeyla […]

New Zealand Boy Names With Meanings

New Zealand Names for Boys: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Boy is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect New Zealand Baby Name for your new born, you are in the best site ever for New Zealand Male Names. We have compiled a […]

Cool Middle Names For New Born Baby Girls

Middle Names For Girls: Scan through our list of cool modern middle names for baby girl to help you find the perfect pairing—or even give you new first name ideas. When you find the perfect soothing middle name for your baby girl, you’ll know because it will roll off the tongue and sound oh-so-smooth. Cool […]

Assyrian Boy Names For New Born With Meanings

Assyrian Names For Boys: Finding The Perfect Name for Your New Baby Boy Is One of The Most Important Decisions You’ll Have. If You Are In Search Of A Perfect Assyrian Baby Name For Your New Born, You Are In The Best Site Ever For Assyrian Baby Names. We Have Compiled a List of Modern […]

African Unisex Names For New Born Baby With Meanings

Gender Neutral African Names For Both Boy And Girl Achebe — One who is protected by the Goddess Adwin — An artist, creative person Ahanti — warlike in the Twi language. Amare — A person sent by God to love who is extremely handsome Amari — An strong and eternally lovely being who are family […]

Unusual Baby Names Parents Give Their Newborn

Uncommon baby names: Parents believe their children are special, but sometimes they get carried away with names and forget that their child has to introduce themselves like that forever. Recently, a parent won a battle in court to name their child Lucifer. The name, Lucifer is often used to refer to the devil in religious […]