Bretons Girl Names For New Born And Meanings

Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Aela ― Rock or rampart

Annick ― God is gracious, merciful one and he has answered the prayers

Aodrena ― Of high birth

Aouregan ― The name is derived from Bretons elements aour which means “gold” and gwen, uuin which means “white, fair, blessed”

Aourgen ― A spelling variant of Aouregan, meaning gold and beautiful

Argantael ― Noble silver

Argantlowen ― Silver or happy and joyful

Armela ― Bear prince

Arzhela ― Feminine variant of Arzhel, meaning bear prince

Azelice ― She who is noble

Azilis ― A noble kind, of the noble sort

Bleuenn ― White flower

Bleuzen ― The Bretons form of the Welsh Blodwen, meaning white flowers

Briaca ― The feminine form of Briac, meaning disputed

Enora ― this name means honour.

Gwen ― Gwen means white. White color is the sign of holiness. So Gwen also means as holy.

Gwendal ― Gwendal means white browed person. White brows are the sign of blessings and intelligence.

Gwenlaouen ― One who is white, fair or blessed

Katarin ― Pure

Katell ― Katell means Pure

Klervi ― Token of the egg

Lena ― A short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted woman

Loana ― Good light

Maelis ― Prince

Mailys ― A form of Maelis, meaning prince

Maiwenn ― The one who raises

Marzhina ― Marzhina is Bretons form of Martina and means from Mards

Nolwenn ― Unpolluted one from Noal.

Oanez ― She who is chaste

Rozenn ― Rose

Soizic ― One who belongs to the people of Franks

Solenn ― Sunshine

Tifenn ― Manifestation of God

Yuna ― The archer

Bretons Girl Names For New Born And Meanings