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List of Swiss Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Agnetta ― Chaste or holy

Annagret ― The glorious one who is bright and nightless

Arjeta ― Golden life

Babetta ― Foreign woman.

Barbel ― Foreign or strange

Blanda ― Dazzling

Blerina ― Fresh greenness

Bothild ― One who is best in the battle.

Cajsa ― Pure

Diellza ― Sun

Ehlii ― A noble and brave hearted person

Eliana ― God has given the answer

Emilia ― this name means to rival or emulate or excel.

Emma ― the meaning of this name is universal whole.

Evia ― She is breathing and living

Floke ― Guardian of the people.

Friede ― Elf strength

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Gittan ― The exalted one

Heilwig ― One who remains strong in battle.

Inge ― The foremost one.

Ingegerd ― Ing’s enclosure

Ingram ― Ing’s raven

Lara ― A famous person who is notable to many

Laura ― Person crowned with laurels

Lena ― A short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted woman

Lina ― Person who is tender and delicate

Liridona ― One who is longing for freedom.

Martina ― Warring, warlike woman

Meia ― Strength, or star of the sea.

Mia ― The person who is dearly to everyone.

Mila ― A Gracious or a beautiful dear

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Sira ― She who comes from Syria

Sofia ― Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman

Sylvette ― Sylvette is a version of Sylvia, meaning wood or tree.

Sylviane ― Wood or forest

Uland ― Noble country

Ursel ― Little bear

Uschi ― Young bear

Ushi ― A plant

Verena ― Defender

Verene ― A variant of Verena, meaning defender.

Vreneli ― Bearer of victory

Vreni ― Name of a 3rd century saint.

Vreni ― Verity or truth

Waltraud ― Rule strength

Yvonne ― Feminine of Ives, meaning archer’s bow.

Zuna ― Abundance

Swiss Girl Names With Meanings