Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes

Romantic Valentine Day Quote for lovers

Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated all over the world as the day of romance and love, ie February 14th.

On that day, we celebrate friendship, family, and loved ones. We gift them cards, chocolate, jewelry, flowers and make special plans to be together. We express our love in heartfelt romantic quotes.

Putting our love into words can be difficult, so we created many unique and custom Valentine’s Day Quotes 

for your cards. Enjoy!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes

Your love is like stepping stones leading to heaven on earth. Your every word, embrace and kiss moves me closer.

When we are apart, my soul longs to hold you close. The awesomeness of your unconditional love uplifts me.

The love you give brings profound hope. A fire has been lit within me that burns brightly this Valentine’s Day.

Wishing my lifelong companion an exceptional Valentine’s Day. Your exquisite love has empowered me to overcome many seemingly impossible obstacles.

Romantic Valentine Day Quote for lovers

Loving you has released me to be who I truly am. I hope our love continues on beyond eternity.

Getting to know you is like finding the riches below the ocean’s surface. My love seeks out your deepest depths.

I hope my love for you never wanes. My attraction to you resembles a butterfly seeking nourishment from fragrant flowers.

Walking beside you reminds me of my vast good fortune. Thank you for trusting me with your innermost secret thoughts.

Your words inspire me. Your kindness overwhelms me. The promise of your love is priceless. Anticipating many romantic holidays together.

I love you for your inner beauty. Mere words could never describe the finer qualities that are hidden inside you.

My love for you is like a well. It is deep and quenches your thirst for pure and refreshing water.

May this humble Valentine’s Day wish warm you with my deepest gratitude. Loving you has finally made me whole.

To me, the bird songs call attention to your extraordinary love. May we continue to walk in flawless harmony forever.

Our love journey has no limits. Together we can move through life’s mountains and valleys with confidence. We are intertwined.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my soul’s perfect mate. I could not imagine life without you standing faithfully by my side.

Surely angels guided us to become lovers. My thoughts wander through our incredible love journey constantly. Happy Valentine’s Day honey.

Your face is etched into my memory. Your eyes convey your love. Your lips taste enchantingly sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day.

All of the world’s riches are far less valuable than the love for me found in your gorgeous eyes.

Your voice is alluringly silken. Your loving embrace provokes an uncontrolled heart flutter. My love for you is truly spontaneous.

Love is like a soaring eagle. Strong enough to fly into life’s challenging moments, you inspire free living.

Since loving you, I notice the beauty of mountaintops. I can walk through deep valleys with you by my side.

Loving you is akin to a rushing river. Each day moves us steadily forward. We can weather twists and turns.

Loving you has brought unspeakable joy into my life. My world would be incomplete without you in it.

Like the sun, your love sustains me with illumination, warmth and amazing beauty. You are my hope during dark days.

My love for you stretches to the farthest regions of the universe. Your smile is like a brilliant shooting star.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes

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