Birthday Prayers For Myself

Happy-Birthday Prayer For Myself

Birthday Prayer Wishes For Myself  Thanking God: Birthdays make us look back to the years that have passed. We start to realize how strong we are for surviving life’s challenges and the lessons we have learned all through the years. Every celebration is a chance to remind one’s self of God’s blessings and connect with him in prayers.

If you are such a person and you are looking for how to pray for yourself on your birthday?  Here are some Happy Birthday in Advance Prayer for Me and Birthday Prayers To Myself that you can use on your special day to request further grace from the Most High God.

Short Birthday Prayer For Myself

It’s my birthday and so I pray that sickness, failure and death depart from me as I celebrate. May the sound of laughter forever fill my mouth!

God’s grace will be my shield as I step out into the new year of my life.

May God grant me the health and wisdom to be a successful and happy person throughout all of my remaining years.

As I was born today, I pray that I will be the epitome of all things good, all things lovely and all of greatness will be mine.

That as the mountains are high, so will my rising be and may I always be able to overcome obstacles in my path as I grow older today.

Happy Birthday Prayers For Myself

As I observe my birthday today, I pray that God will draw me nearer to Him and fill all my days with happiness and His amazing grace.

Dear God, on this great day You have freely given to me, I pray that Your divine blessings and love will follow me until the end of time.

Some people look for happiness in wealth and other material things. For me, my happiness lies solely in God’s love. I pray that I receive oceans of that every second of my life.

As I celebrate this exclusive day in my life, Lord I pray that you grant me happiness, success and good health.

Sweet Jesus, it’s my prayer that your immeasurable love will shine in my life and guide my path for as long as I live on this earth.

Dear Father in heaven, on my birthday, I pray that You bless me with a lifetime of joy and peace. Thank you, Father, for I know you have already answered my prayer.

God’s mercies are ever sure and for this day I pray that like the rain, may my life be drenched in the overflowing never ending love of God.

If stars could speak, they would be voices speaking the blessings of God into my life because I deserve all the blessings of the universe and I pray that God enriches me.

May the almighty heal my hurts and fill my heart with joy on this day of my birth. I pray that I receive favour from man and all of those who cross my path.

I pray that as I celebrate my birth today that many blessings will be birthed in my life and that I will be filled with the best of all that life can offer.

Prayers For Myself On My Birthday

 I pray to the Lord for more of an ecstatic day like today. Not many have the opportunity to have a new year added to their lives. It is only by Your grace that I can celebrate today. I wish myself a cheerful birthday.

As I celebrate my birthday, I ask for God’s blessings in my life. May I be blessed with happiness, good health, and prosperity. Happy birthday to me.

On this extraordinary day in my life, it is my prayer that the merciful Lord will shower me with His divine blessings and give me the gift of long life.

Lord, I am making merry today because it is a very important day that You have made possible for me. I pray for more of your presence in my world will last eternally.

On my birthday, dear Father in heaven, I pray that You will give me an abundance of peace and joy to last me for an eternity. I’m proud to be Your child.

God is a God of colour and so I pray that this new year be colourful for me that all I do will become an expression of all the beauty that is in God.

As I step into my new age, I pray that the blessings of the passing year accumulate into and overflowing shower of mercy, grace, peace and joy that passes all understanding.

On this special day, I thank God for His remarkable blessings in my world and pray that He will continue to protect me from the eyes and plans of my enemies.

Simple Birthday Prayer For Myself

Lord, please keep sadness away from my heart and worries from my mind. Bless me with a life of happiness, good health and good fortune. Happy birthday to me!

As the earth receives the rains and produces good fruit, I pray that on this my birthday God will rain down his blessings and opportunities for me that will become fruits of prospering and greatness.

We are all God’s little creation and so may he breath his love and joy upon my life as I celebrate a new year. May his compassion find me out in my time of need!

May I never remain like the shadow of my past, I pray that as I celebrate my birth that there will be a renewal of my strength and abundant growth in everything that is mine.

I pray that this day of my birth that all the angels of heaven keep me from failing or falling.

Today marks yet another amazing day for me. Thanks to the Lord Almighty, a new age has been awarded me, and I pray for many more days like this joyous anniversary I am experiencing today.

I am thankful to God for blessing me every single day of my life. I’m a truly blessed soul. Happy birthday to me.

Birthday Prayers For Myself