Love Messages to Her From The Heart

Love Messages to Her From The Heart

You don’t need a special occasion to tell her ‘I Love You’ neither do you need a reason to send ‘Love Messages to Her’. That is why many women dream to meet a romantic man – the one who would bring them flowers and send love messages.

We have compiled a list of love messages from the heart to tell your girlfriend/wife at any time, day or night and to guide you form the most vivid expression of what is hidden deep within your heart.

Go ahead and tell her how much you love her and make her the happiest woman in the world.

90 Love Messages to Her From The Heart

  1. I talk, you smile. Why can’t you realize that I can’t do anything without you? I am helpless with the sight of you. Why can’t you see that you are the one for me? And I don’t want any other person.
  2. You showed me that life without love is boring and senseless. I thank you for every minute that you spent with me and ask you to spend a lifetime by my side. You are everything I have ever wanted. 
  3. When I look into your eyes, I see an ocean, and I see myself inside this ocean. I’ll swim to your heart to measure the depth of this love I feel for you.
  4. You’ve changed my life. I’m so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. You showed me what true love is. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I love you to the moon and back and even more. 
  5. If I had to make one wish, it would be with you and do everything that will spice up our world without staying apart from you even for a second. I will do everything within my power and from my heart to give you the beautiful life you want. I love you so much.
  6. I am lost without your love. I’m incomplete without you by my side. Your beauty is one captivating thing one can notice from afar, but when the person is closer, it is easy to spot your warmness and compassion. I love you, baby.
  7. You are the ingredient I need. You are a combination of beauty and brain. I can’t describe the feeling in my heart when you are right in front of me. My biggest dream will come true when I am the first to say good morning to you and the last to kiss you goodnight.
  8. You are beautiful to my soul with the passing of each day. Throughout my life, you are an amazing person I don’t wish to lose. Loving you is the reason for the smiles on my face. I can’t get enough of your love, continue showering it on me.
  9. I cannot describe the things you do to me with mere words. The way you make me smile is the definition of how true love should be. I am thrilled that you are in my life and my love for you will never dwindle because when I look into your eyes, all I see is hope.
  10. You are my strength because, at my weakness, you inspire me to gun for more. You have me, baby, and I am working hard on myself to be the best thing in your life. I hope you know how much you mean to me.
  11. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s complete. Your presence in my life has given it the completeness, even money can’t get. I love you, baby.
  12. It feels too good to love and be loved back. It’s even beautiful to love someone special like you and being loved back. I’m feeling like a king already.
  13. I believe that you’re one of the fantastic things that make my world colorful. You filled my heart with untold joy and happiness.
  14. You’re the light in my darkness. You remain my comforter when I am broken. You’ve always wanted me to be a better version of myself, and I love you every day for that. Baby, I am getting better for you and you alone.
  15. Given a chance, I would like to be the sun that heats your warm smile, the air you breathe in those cute lungs, but most of all, I am glad my favorite wish has come to pass; to be the love of your life. I will forever be indebted to you for teaching me how to love.
  16. Dear girlfriend, there’s nothing compared to the joy I have whenever I’m with you. You’re my sunshine amidst the storm. In you I find peace. Thanks for being mine.
  17. I’ll ask for just one thing from you. To love me like you love the air because I need you like the air. I love you.
  18. I’m blessed to have a girlfriend, sweet as a rosebud, bright as a star, cute as a kitten. You are everything I love and more. It is a blessing to have you in my life.
  19. I never wanted to fall, but you changed it. You weaken my body and captured my heart with your sweetness. I can’t get you off my mind because you are the best thing in my life.
  20. Has any guy ever told you how you own the best smile in the world? When you smile at me, my world comes alive. I can’t trade seeing that beautiful smile with anything in the world. I love you, honey.
  21. Love is not winning someone to be on your part but loosing yourself to someone. It’s a pledge, I will always love you no matter what life brings to me.
  22. Whether summer or the cold winter, I will always and forever love you because nobody can do it better than me.
  23. Even if being yours will require passing through storms and temptations. I’ll do all and more because I know it will be sunny at the end. I love you.
  24. My greatest wish is to keep you in my paradise and stand next to you forever. I want to hold your hand in the dark and kiss you passionately. I love you, baby girl.
  25. When I look at your face, I realize how much I am addicted to loving you. I can’t let go of your love for anything in the world. Every moment we spent together leaves my heart in appreciation. I am also grateful for the amazing time we will spend.
  26. If I had two lives, the first one I would give to you and the other one I would give up for you.
  27. You are the one and only woman in this world I want to marry and make the mother of my children. I guess, it’s fate.
  28. I need you like a tree needs the sun and a bird needs its wings, you are essential to me, I love you so much!
  29. Your touch makes me shiver. Your voice gives me chills. You came from a different world, that’s for sure. You are the only person who can make me weak. But I’m okay with that. Love you endlessly, baby.
  30. You have shown me, true love, by the words you say and the care you show me daily. I feel like I am in heaven knowing that I have someone as awesome as you are in my life. The more I love you, the more I understand how much your love means to me.
  31. Our relationship will be stronger and will be used as a reference by others. I have devoted my time and heart to make our union last a lifetime. Loving you have taught me so much about life, and I am glad I am in this with you.
  32. The laughter and tears I have shared with you are amongst my most valuable memories. I will forever cherish them. I love you, boo. 
  33. You don’t always have to text me back immediately… I just want you to know that I am always thinking of you, my lovely lady. 
  34. ‘I love you’ isn’t even appropriate to describe how much I care for you, baby… you’re my entire world.
  35. You are my entire existence, sweetheart. How I wish to have you close right now and be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
  36. Your eyes reflect my intense desires for you. I want to hold you in my arms, lock your hands in mind and kiss you until you fall asleep peacefully. We don’t have to exchange words… My heart is all yours. 
  37. Now I know what happiness looks like. It looks like you. It has your angel face, your sweet voice, your gentle hands, your silky hair and your kind heart. I really mean it, honey. You are my happiness.
  38. What is life without you in it? Just a black hole. No end, no beginning, no sense or joy, no peace or harmony. I feel like I’ve become who I have to be when I met you. I love you beyond all limits. 
  39. I think about you when I do my everyday routine tasks. I think about you when I drive. I think about you when I talk to other people. I think about you when I work. I think about you even in my sleep. My mind is totally consumed by the thoughts about you. You are everything I need, everything I yearn for, my love.
  40. Nobody has ever been what you’re to me. You made all my dreams become a reality. You’ve brought bliss and happiness to my life and made me love without a doubt.
  41. Sugar, this is my vow to you today. I’ll be your lover, I’ll be your friend, I’ll love you like no other till the very end, this heart belongs to you forever baby.
  42. Nothing in this world compares to the joy I have when I’m with you baby. They say love is blind, but I can see it through your eyes baby. You bring me some much joy and all I ever want to do is reciprocate it. I love you, baby.
  43. Everything started like planting grass and it has grown to the size of a forest. How would I ever come out of this love? We started like a dam but now we have grown to an ocean. Baby, I fall for you deeper every day. Letting go could make me die because you’re my lifejacket.
  44. Baby girl, a love like yours comes once in a blue moon. I would be a stupid man to not treasure it. Thank you for coming into my life, opening my eyes and filling the void in my heart.
  45. No words in any languages can ever express my love for you. It flows like a calm stream down a riverbank and somehow reaches every part of your mind, body and soul. Please know that it will never stop flowing. Love you, honey.
  46. No matter what happens in life, you will always remain dear to my heart. My heart is where you belong. I love you, my little munchkin. 
  47. The position you currently hold in my heart can never be filled by anybody else. Having you in my life is my greatest achievement. 
  48. Let me be your gentleman, the one you call in happy or sad times. I love you, cutie pie. 
  49. “I love you” just cannot cut it anymore. My world could be burning, but your smile and presence reassures me that everything will be just fine. I am lucky to be able to call myself your lover. 
  50. Congratulations for single-handedly flipping my world upside down! Your smile puts me on my knees and your hug warms my heart. I long for another one of your touch… 
  51. You are remarkably priceless, princess. There is literally nothing that compares to you and the love you give me on a daily basis.
  52. I would never get tired of loving you. This is the only thing I know how to do properly. You are a true wonder and blessing, my life would be so bleak without you. What did I do to deserve you?
  53. Every day, I feel like the richest and luckiest king, only because I have the most amazing queen. What did I ever do to have you?
  54. Always keep in mind that you are beautiful and attractive as ever, even when you think otherwise. I feel closer to you with every day that passes.
  55. If I could make one wish, I would like to spend forever with you, if it does exist. Cause I cannot imagine a life without you.
  56. All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you. I love this song so much. But I obviously love you more, baby. Let’s spend the eternity together and love each other till the end of time. 
  57. You are perfect. I have never thought that I will ever be able to fall in love with someone so carelessly. I just know that this feeling will never leave me. I will do anything to make you happy, baby. 
  58. When I look at you, I wonder why you were made so beautiful. Knowing that you are mine is enough motivation to face anything in the world. I feel lucky being your man. I love you so much.
  59. I try to imagine how much I am into you, the answer I get is that you are so unique and worthy of being my lover. I am so addicted to your love, and I have no desire to let go of you.
  60. Like the flash of thunder, it came within a while, engulfing my soul and setting my heart ablaze. You changed everything and keep my body longing for more. That’s how your love came to me. I love you.
  61. I may not be perfect, but out of my imperfections, I promise you my love which has no end. My love for you will grow as long as I live.
  62. I needed hope; I got a motivator. I needed trust; I got a friend. I needed love, and I saw you coming my way, but I realized you were the motivation and friend I needed.
  63. You’re my number one because everything about you is just perfect. Your lips, your face, your smile. You are the bomb at all times.
  64. If you’re a game, I’ll be glad to play you. If you’re a puzzle, I’ll be happy to solve you. If you’re my love, I’ll be happy to keep you forever.
  65. You’re the chosen one, the only person my heart accepts and carves for at all times. You will remain the one for me because I love you way more than your imagination.
  66. When I’m with you, the world ceases to exist, and I see just the two of us sitting next to each other, holding hands & exchanging emotions that only heaven can explain. You make my world come alive.
  67. I love the fact that I sleep and wake up in my arms. The moments I share with you are the most memorable ones I have ever had. You are my joy in the morning and my motivation throughout the day. I love you, my darling.
  68. All I do and will always do is prepare for a beautiful future. I know you are mine and I will work all day and all night to make sure you are comfortable in my life. I can’t even get the thought of you from my heart.
  69. I want to say ‘I love you,’ but I wish I had a way to say it in a million ways that will make you know that I am going crazy over you. If there is something higher than love, maybe that is what I feel for you because I can’t even explain how I feel.
  70. The one thing I admire more than anything is when people notice your beauty, kindness, humility and loving personality. Where have you been all my life?
  71. I can say with all confidence that what we have, no one can break. Even after all these years, it’s you I want to wake up to and embrace. You are truly the love of my life.
  72. Even the longest book doesn’t have enough alphabets to express my gratitude. For making me both a husband and a father, I will always be indebted to you, my love.
  73. Baby love, what would life be without you? So tasteless, boring, and not fun. You came into my life, added spices to it and made me so fulfilled. I could never have enough of you. I will love you till the end of our tomorrows.
  74. If loving you was evil, then I’d have turned hellfire to my heaven. If being with you was a crime, I would be ready to become a terrorist. If showing my feelings to you would make me offend everyone in the world, I would be ready to be alone for the rest of my life. I’m scared of pouring my feelings on you because they are stronger than a rock. I love you so much, my rib.
  75. What’s the meaning of food without salt? What’s the meaning of having eyes that can’t see? Tell me what’s the use of legs that can’t walk? What’s the use of water that can’t quench thirst? Tell me the meaning of my life without you! I love you!
  76. To many, a home is a structure with a beautiful space, but to me, home is a person who is there throughout the good times and bad. You are my home and I treasure you more than anything else.
  77. Growing up, I never hoped for the best partner in the world. What I dreamy of was indeed a shadow of what we have. You remind me every day that I have all I could ever need in life. If this is not magical, then I don’t know what is.
  78. I have tasted a lot of things in this world, but there is truly nothing as sweet and enticing as the love we both share.
  79. None of my best dreams match the thrill and adventure I have experienced with you. You are like a never-ending novel. With every chapter I flip, I discover something more amazing about you.
  80. Let me put my hand on your face, feel your smooth cheeks as I tell you how much you mean to me. In so many ways, you make me feel a love that I never knew existed. I’ll cherish you all the days of my life.
  81. I don’t have to win the lottery or earn a six-figure salary to call myself lucky. Having a brilliant and pretty woman easily makes me the luckiest man on the planet.
  82. All my life, I never thought my love life would be the best part of it all. I have never met a person with a spectacular personality like yours. I pray that your good looks and character will pass on to our kids.
  83. If I don’t say it enough, always remember you are my happily ever after. I still can’t imagine I’ll be calling you mine for a lifetime. I love you so much.
  84. By faith, I know we can make this work someday. I will just keep my hopes up. Until then, I’ll keep you in my mind. Your touch will forever caress me with tenderness, and your kisses will keep the flame in my heart alive. I hope that one day, you and I will be together forever. Dearest future girlfriend.
  85. Even if I was a musician, I couldn’t find the Lyrics to describe you, even as a writer, I couldn’t find the right words to tell you how much you mean to me. You are just too perfect for me. I love you!
  86. From the look in your eyes the first day we met, I knew I was in trouble because of the way you gazed at me. Your pretty smile got my heart racing, but I knew it was a new dawn of an endless blissful world. Thanks for portraying the truest form of love in my life. I want you forever.
  87. I don’t how life would have turned out had it not been for your support. Like a shoulder to the cloth, like the nail to the finger, like the eye to the head, you have been closer than a sister or a brother. Thank you for always being my haven. I love you endlessly.
  88. A-times telling you I love you sounds like an understatement because the word love doesn’t encompass what I truly feel for you. If only there was a physical way of measuring exactly how much I love you, then I’d be the happiest person on the planet. Forever is just the beginning for us.
  89. You are my happy place, my paradise, my mess, and my refuge. I would rather spend a moment in your arms than live a life without you.
  90. I want to go back to the times we would talk and talk deep into the night. Believe me when I say that you are my everything and I would give up a lot just to have another minute with you. You are my dream come true. I miss you so much.
Love Messages to Her From The Heart

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